Lebanon Opportunities Magazine Features ‘Industry: Lebanon’s Shock Absorber’ by Neemat Frem

Neemat Frem, INDEVCO CEO & President and Chairman of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, shares his thoughts about the Lebanese industrial sector in Lebanon Opportunities magazine - December 2013 issue.

In an article published in Lebanon Opportunities magazine December issue, Neemat Frem discusses how local and regional factors have majorly stunted the growth of various sectors in Lebanon, including tourism and banking. The article ‘Industry: Lebanon’s Shock Absorber’ highlights how the industrial sector has maintained growth, regardless of the current political and economical turmoil and volatility, supporting Frem’s claim that industry “…can absorb the highest level of turbulence and strife”.

In the article, Frem discusses the current role the Industrial sector currently plays in the local economy, no more than 10% of Lebanon’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). He mentions how industry/manufacturing, as a shock absorber, should increase in order to better stabilize the turbulent economy.

He sheds light on different measures and programs the government must take in order to bring up industry’s share of local GDP to 25%, as it was 40 years ago:

  1. Review exiting laws and regulations
  2. Create industrial zones
  3. Set forth industrial cost reduction initiatives
  4. Favor local industry
  5. Focus on research and development (R & D)

Frem believes “We should promote and achieve a healthy, stable and durable economy.”

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