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8 Reasons Why Greencoat® Boxes Meet Your Sustainable Packaging Needs

Greencoat® boxes by Interstate Container meet poultry and produce packaging needs, in line with growing demand for eco-friendly, strong, sturdy, and cost effective packaging solutions. Take a look at eight good reasons to choose Greencoat®.

Iraq Agro-Food 2012 Gives Insight to Regional Agricultural & Food Market

Iraq Agro-Food 2012 offers Unipak, Lebanese corrugated packaging manufacturer, access to growing Iraqi markets and insight into industry trends.

Interstate Container’s Greencoat® Eco-Friendly, Wax-Free Boxes to be Featured at 2013 SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference

Fresh produce growers and packers will have the opportunity to see Greencoat® boxes in action from January 10-13, 2013.

Unipak to Exhibit Corrugated Packaging at Iraq Agro-Food 2012

Unipak will keep up-to-date with agricultural, food and beverage industry trends at the Iraq Agro-Food 2012.

Photoblog: Mountaire Farms’ ‘Thanksgiving for Thousands’ program Brings Together hundreds of Volunteers

‘Thanksgiving for Thousands’ food drive 2012 unites the Delmarva community in the spirit of giving.

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