Sanita Persona Revamps Website to Enhance User Experience

Sanita Persona customizes its website to meet hygiene industry needs:

Sanita Persona
 face-lifts website to enhance user experience with simplified navigation, as well as appealing and vivid graphics offering a human-feel.  The revamped website restructures information into new sections that focus on target sectors, Household Care, Personal Care, and Diaper Closure Tape

The website aims to facilitate visitor search for Sanita Persona raw material and private label products for the hygiene sector, including diaper closure tapes, hand sanitizers, liquid soap, and wet wipes. Visitors can examine product specifications and contact specialists to learn more about the products. The website also focuses on innovation by highlighting the latest innovative products launched by the manufacturer.

Interested consumers can also access the ‘news’ section of the website, which features the latest news from INDEVCO Consumer Products division.

About Sanita Persona

Established in 2005 in Zouk, Lebanon, Sanita Persona manufactures and distributes diaper closure tapes, hand sanitizers, liquid soap, and disposable wet wipes for private label or promotion. The hygiene disposables manufacturer serves markets in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Sanita Persona is a member of INDEVCO Consumer Products division.


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