Sanita Supports Jounieh International Festival Eco-Friendly Initiative: Go Jounieh Green Day

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Sanita promotes environmental sustainability at ‘Go Jounieh’ Green Day, part of Jounieh International Festival 2013.

Committed to sustainable initiatives, Sanita took part in Jounieh International Festival’s new ‘Green’ day initiative on 23 June 2013. The Lebanese hygiene disposables manufacturer put up a 3x3 m booth called Sanita Eco-Museum, presenting environmentally friendly Sanita hygiene disposable products, such as Natura sustainable facial and toilet tissue paper disposables.

Sanita representatives met with summer festival attendees at the booth, while 2 representatives, dressed in tree costumes and on rollerblades, distributed free Natura pocket tissue paper to participants across Jounieh’s old roads.

‘Go Jounieh’ Green Day Activities

The event, under the slogan ‘Go Jounieh’, brought together families and friends at Jounieh’s coastal roads for a day of biking, skating, and other activities while enjoying natural surroundings. The municipality closed Jounieh’s old roads from all vehicles, to help Lebanese citizens and tourists appreciate the environment.

Participants brought or rented on-site bikes, roller blades  seg-ways, and skateboards as means of transportation. Professional trainers were on-call to assist beginners and ensure safety. The event also featured many other green-themed activities, such as shows, parades and a ‘Professional Bike Race’.

About Jounieh International Festival 

For the third edition, Jounieh International Festival takes place from 21 June – 6 July 2013. The festival features concerts by international artists, play areas, and activities for children.

Jounieh International Festival, is organized by ”PHELLIPOLIS”, a Lebanese nonprofit organization that aims to promote sustainable development in cities through human development, social, economic, environmental and tourism projects, thus contributing to the growth of the cities’ overall infrastructure.

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About Sanita

Sanita, member of INDEVCO group, produces and distributes hygiene, household tissue, plastics, and foil disposables, as well as away-from-home products. Established in Halat, Lebanon in 1972, Sanita expanded in the region, serving markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The manufacturing company continuously engages in Corporate Social Responsibility activities and clean-up initiatives in Jordan, Kurdistan – Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the region.


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