INDEVCO Group Launches Agricultural Films & Packaging Portal in French

Customers and prospects can now access in-depth agricultural films and packaging information in French.

INDEVCO Group launches the French version of Agricultural Films & Packaging portal, facilitating information gathering for French-speaking customers and prospects. The packaging web portal offers detailed product information and specifications in French. 

Interested parties can request more information, engage in live online chat in French with INDEVCO Group representatives, and request quotations (RFQs) that INDEVCO Lead Generation Unit processes.

INDEVCO Group Agricultural Films & Packaging portal meets customer language preferences, offering key information in English, French, and Spanish. 

For more information about the Agricultural Films & Packaging portal:

INDEVCO Agricultural Films & Packaging Portal Now Online
INDEVCO Group Launches New Spanish Agricultural Films & Packaging Portal 

INDEVCO Group Agricultural Films & Packaging Products

INDEVCO Paper Containers Division companies manufacture GREENCOAT ® wax-free boxes, corrugated bulk bins, open-top corrugated trays, top and bottom boxes, and edge protectors for packing fresh produce.

Also serving agricultural and horticultural sectors, INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Division manufacturing plants produce compost and forage bags, grapevine cover film, greenhouse plastic, ground cover film, hay bale plastic wrap, hydroponic gully film, low tunnel film, mulch film, banana bunch covers, silage covers, soil disinfection film, and water membrane.

INDEVCO Group is a multinational group of manufacturing companies.

For More Information

INDEVCO Lead Generation Unit
Ajaltoun, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 108

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