High Operational Standards at National Paper Products Company: INDEVCO Index of Excellence - 2013 Results

National Paper Products Company passes stringent internal audits with top scores, meeting internal and international quality, management, and operational standards.

For the third time over the past 4 years, National Paper Products Company achieves the highest overall rating in INDEVCO Index of Excellence. INDEVCO Group and Napco annually measure the performance of member companies against an Index of 8 Standards of Excellence covering Finance and Operation; Safety; 5S; Methodology; Key Performance Indicators (KPI); Voice of the Customer (VOC); Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); Legal; and Human Resources.

INDEVCO and Napco developed a comprehensive ‘Index’, benchmarking international quality standards, capitalizing on extensive market experience, and leveraging off of experiences within the group. The INDEVCO/Napco Index sets forth processes and standards to effectively audit, monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve all operations within member affiliates, including plant efficiency, efficacy, and safety.

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About National Paper Products Company 

National Paper Products Company, located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, meets customer paper packaging needs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Established since 1956, National Paper Products Company was the first manufacturing plant of paper bags, cement bags, tissue rolls, and plastic crates in Saudi Arabia.

National Paper Products Company is a Napco company and a member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.

For More Information

First Industrial City, Street 3
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 538
Dammam 31421, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-3-8459 400
Fax: +966-3-8471 435 
Email: info[at]napcopaper.com
Web: www.napcopaper.com

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