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Store Better, Eat Fresher

Storing food properly is a vital way to have a nutritious and balanced diet, keep fruits and vegetables fresh and protect yourself and your family from foodborne illnesses. Thus, before keeping your food or leftovers in the fridge, it is important to follow a set of measures for healthier storage and fresher meals!

Efficient Growth at the Heart of Napco’s Business

Driven by our ongoing growth strategy and in line with the new macroeconomic imperatives entailed by the universal drop of oil prices, I call on you to decisively focus on and adapt to a bi-fold mindset.

Diaper Manufacturing … A Long Story Made Short with Joseph Al- Rassy

For a closer glimpse inside diapers manufacturing at National Paper Company Ltd., Napco in focus has conducted an interview with the Operations Manager at the company, Mr. Joseph Al-Rassy.

With the New Biodegradable Sanita® Tie Bags, the Environment Has Never Been Greener

Foreseeing the rising demand for eco-friendly products, Napco Consumer Products Division now combines cleaner garbage disposal with a better protection for the environment.

Sanita® Easy Tie Bags, a New Product by Napco for an Easier and a Faster Garbage Disposal

Garbage bags are now more practical to close and carry with the new Sanita® Easy Tie Bags. 

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