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Phoenix to Promote Renewable Energy Solutions at Project Egypt 2016

Phoenix promotes sustainability in the construction industry in Africa by demonstrating benefits of renewable energy solutions during Project Egypt 2016.

Photoblog: Napco Meets Petrochemical Industry Executives at GPCA Forum 2015

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Napco, a leading Middle Eastern group of manufacturing companies based in Saudi Arabia, exhibits a comprehensive range of corrugated, paper, and plastic packaging tailored to the chemical and petrochemical industry at GPCA Forum 2015.

Happy Independence Day Lebanon

Happy Independence Day Lebanon (photo: )

Happy Independence Day Lebanon

Happy Independence Day Lebanon!

Phoenix Energy Builds Beautiful Triplex Wooden Frame House for Le Plateau de Bakish

Phoenix Energy, Lebanese renewable energy solutions provider, launches latest wooden frame house project in le Plateau de Bakish.

Phoenix Machinery Promotes Blue Ocean Strategy at Advanced Technical Training Course for Hygienic Production Plants

During the ‘Advanced Technical Training Course’ in France, Phoenix Machinery highlighted the importance of shifting from red oceans to unchartered blue oceans, in order to generate profitable growth on the long-run. 

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