Sanita Regional Joins Géant Hypermarket 'Happy Eid Milad' Campaign

Happies, baby diaper brand produced by Sanita Regional, partners with Géant in Tunisia to celebrate the hypermarket chain’s 7 year anniversary.

In support of Géant hypermarket “Happy Eid Milad” in-store promotion, Happies brand offered parents ‘two for the price of one’ on all baby diaper products. The “Happy Eid Milad’ concept aims to extend Géant’s 7th birthday celebration to shoppers with promotions and giveaways.

Sanita Regional and Géant hypermarket launched a TV commercial promoting “Happy Eid Milad” campaign during November 2013, highlighting Happies special offer  on three major TV Stations in Tunisia:

Watch the TV Commercial

About Happies Brand

Happies brand of baby diapers and wet wipes includes regular baby diapers and baby aqua swim diapers in different sizes, as well as antibacterial embossed wet wipes with protective cream and embossed baby wet wipes with lotion.

Happies is produced by Sanita, Lebanon. Sanita is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.


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