Happy Independence Day Lebanon

INDEVCO, a Lebanese multinational group of manufacturing companies, wishes Lebanon a Happy Independence Day 2015!


Happy Independence Day Lebanon

Happy Independence Day Lebanon

On the occasion of Lebanon Independence Day, INDEVCO headquarters in Ajaltoun, Lebanon, will be closed on Monday, 23 November 2015.


Established in 1955, INDEVCO Group currently employs over 10,200 employees in 76 companies located across the world. The group’s 51 manufacturing plants are situated in Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Greece,Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and USA; while 25 commercial companies are located throughout Europe, Africa and South Asia.

INDEVCO plants produce converting machinery, paper and plastic flexible packaging, corrugated containers and displays, consumer and institutional tissue and away-from-home disposables, and energy solutions.

INDEVCO Group manufacturing plants export to over 100 countries and serve the agricultural, beverage, construction, catering, processed food, dairy, industrial, paramedical and pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, soap and detergent, tissue and hygiene converting,tissue making and promotional markets.


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