BAMBI® Supports KSA Ministry of Health in Promoting Public Health

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BAMBI® brand takes part in ‘Farhati (My Happiness) Program’, a campaign by the Saudi Ministry of Health to develop and promote maternal and child health throughout the Kingdom.

KSA MOH 'Farhati Program' News Clipping

KSA MOH 'Farhati Program' News Clipping

Napco baby care brand, BAMBI®, supports the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Ministry of Health in the joint effort to promote public health and guide women into motherhood. As part of the annual contract with Al-Mahalliyya, BAMBI® brand will distribute samples to hospitals in the country throughout the year, as well as support other initiatives to promote health awareness.

Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) awarded Napco brand for contributing to the success of the ‘Farhati Program’ with BAMBI’s support and sampling program. Zeinab Salman, INDEVCO Consumer Division Marketing Director, accepted the award from the Ministry of Health, on behalf of Napco, along with Danone Nutricia.

BAMBI® Participation in ‘Farhati Program’ Health Awareness Campaign

Supporting New Mothers with BAMBI® Baby Care Samples

BAMBI 'Get Into Your Child's World' Booklet

BAMBI 'Get Into Your Child's World' Booklet

In conjunction with the MOH ‘Farhati Program’, BAMBI® will distribute over 300,000 baby care samples to mothers of newborns in governmental hospitals across Saudi Arabia. BAMBI® samples comprise of 4 newborn diapers, 20-pack wet wipes, and a ‘Get into your Child’s World’ booklet.

To help women in their first step into motherhood, BAMBI® also teamed up with Al Nahdi pharmacy to include, within distributed samples, a coupon for a free BAMBI® regular size (newborn or small) diaper pack to be redeemed solely at Al Nahdi pharmacy.

KSA National Day 2013 Banner

KSA National Day 2013 Banner

Promoting Healthy Community on KSA National Day

As part of the health awareness campaign, BAMBI® teamed up with Danone Nutricia, and MOH ‘Farhati program’ to celebrate KSA National Day and sponsor the King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia’s vision for a prosperous and healthy nation. The campaign put up banners and posters throughout hospitals in Riyadh, as well as in Eastern Province to greet citizens on the holiday.

About BAMBI®

Napco, leading Saudi-based manufacturing companies, produce high quality BAMBI® baby diapers.  BAMBI® products are made of non-allergic natural fiber and poly based materials to protect baby’s soft skin. New BAMBI® baby diaper offer higher stretch, flexibility, and absorbency.

Napco Consumer Products Company (Dammam),National Paper Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd. (Riyadh) in Saudi Arabia produce a range of personal and family care hygiene disposable products, including baby diapers, feminine napkins, tissue and towels, disposable plastics products, and a range of away-from-home products.

Napco sells its products under license from INDEVCO with regional brand names including BAMBI®, BOUQUET®,  FAM® , FRESHDAYS® , PRIVATE®, SANITA®, Sanita CLUB®, and other brands owned by NAPCO such SUFRA MUTWIYA™.

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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