Fam® Launches Educational TV Campaign to Spread Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Fam® brand of feminine care products pairs up once again with Zahra Breast Cancer Association to promote awareness during October 2014.

Caring for women’s health and under the 'Fam® Cares' slogan, Fam® brand will launch 5 educational TV commercials during Breast Cancer Awareness month. The commercials will run on leading Middle Eastern channels, MBC 1 and MBC Drama, throughout the month of October to share early detection and preventative tips that could save lives.

The Breast Cancer Awareness initiative is part of a large-scale women’s health awareness campaign that Fam® will run on TV channels through December 2014, as well as on Facebook through March 2015. Fam®’s Facebook campaign shares informative and educational pre-recorded videos of leading regional doctors discussing topics of women’s health and well-being.

About Fam®

Napco, a leading industrial group in Saudi Arabia, produces high-quality feminine napkins under the Fam® brand. 

Napco Consumer Products Company (Dammam), National Paper Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd. (Riyadh) in Saudi Arabia produce personal and family care hygiene disposable products, such as feminine napkins, baby diapers, tissue and paper towels, household disposables, and a range of away-from-home (AFH) products.

Napco sells its products under license from INDEVCO with regional brand names including BAMBI®, FAM®, FRESHDAYS®, PRIVATE®, SANITA®, Sanita CLUB®, BOUQUET® and other brands owned by Napco, such as SUFRA MUTWIYA™.

Contact Information

Napco Consumer Marketing Department
P.O.Box 214 Dammam 31411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-13-8472446 Ext: 5581
Fax: +966-13-8471918
Email: info[at]fam-napco.com
Web: www.fam-napco.com

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