Phoenix Machinery Promotes Blue Ocean Strategy at Advanced Technical Training Course for Hygienic Production Plants

During the ‘Advanced Technical Training Course’ in France, Phoenix Machinery highlighted the importance of shifting from red oceans to unchartered blue oceans, in order to generate profitable growth on the long-run.

Phoenix Machinery Marketing and Sales Manager, Fadi El-Chiti, presented “Sailing from the Red Ocean to the Blue Ocean with Phoenix Machinery” during the ‘Advanced Technical Training Course for Hygienic Production Plants’, which took place on 15 September 2015 at Château-Arnoux in France.

As a manufacturer of machines targeted to the hygiene industry, El-Chiti discussed Phoenix Machinery’s role in assisting hygienic production plants take on blue ocean strategies. He highlighted that the key to making competitors obsolete is to stop focusing on competing in over-saturated markets (red ocean), and instead create uncharted markets with no competitors (blue ocean).

El-Chiti focused on the importance of value and innovation going hand-in-hand and shifting away from either only creating value or only being driven by technology. He explained value innovation as the need to pursue differentiation while offering low cost. He presented the 6 principles of a blue ocean strategy from formulation to implementation, as well as analytical tools and frameworks. Throughout the presentation, El-Chiti used real business examples and case studies.

El-Chiti introduced Phoenix Machinery as a member of Phoenix Group of Companies, a cluster within INDEVCO Group. He shed light on Phoenix Group and INDEVCO Group’s global presence, as well as presented Phoenix Machinery’s product portfolio including its range of baby diaper and feminine napkin production lines and retrofit units, as well as spare parts. He finished the session by discussing the machine manufacturer’s competitive edges and strategic alliance partners.

About Phoenix Machinery

Established in 1998, Phoenix Machinery is located in Safra, Lebanon. Phoenix Machinery manufactures custom-made hygiene and tissue converting machines, high precision CNC machined parts, as well as develops and integrates machinery automation, process automation and power distribution solutions. Currently the manufacturer exports globally to Congo, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Haiti, Russiaiu, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, and Poland.


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