Interstate Container to Launch Greencoat® ICE Seafood Boxes at PACK EXPO 2013

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At PACK EXPO 2013, Interstate Container will unveil Greencoat® ICE wax-free corrugated boxes tailored to effectively pack and transport seafood products on ice.

During the event, Interstate Container will display the first wax-free recyclable box for ice packed seafood at booth # S6338 from September 23-25 at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Greencoat® ICE seafood boxes offer the necessary strength and durability to pack seafood and ice, while reducing the carbon footprint and eliminating expensive wax disposal costs for retailers and restaurants. Interstate Container representatives will be available at the booth to discuss Greencoat® boxes and schedule trials.

Greencoat® ICE for Seafood Packaging

Interstate Container unveils new Greencoat® ICE wax-free boxes

Interstate Container unveils new Greencoat® ICE wax-free boxes

Interstate Container partnered with Global Green USA's Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) and leading seafood processors to successfully develop and trial Greencoat® ICE . The wax-free box can withstand frozen seafood packaging processes, while maintaining its structural and functional integrity.

Unlike the typically used paraffin wax-coated box and Styrofoam, Greencoat® boxes are Fibre Box Association (FBA)-certified as 100% recyclable and repulpable in line with the relative protocol for wax-alternative coatings.  Greencoat® boxes can withstand long transportation and rough handling, where Styrofoam and plastic could easily crack or break.

With this step towards sustainable packaging, retailers and restaurants could realize a cost-saving of up to $200 Million nationwide and reduction of 1.45 million tons of solid waste generated from waxed boxes. [1]

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container’s manufacturing plants in Columbia, SC and Cambridge, MD produce 100% of the pioneering Greencoat® corrugated packaging in-house without sourcing from third parties. FBA-certified Greencoat® wax-free corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable, repulpable, and compostable. Interstate Container’s sustainable packaging solution can withstand shifts from hot-to-cold, and offers the same strength as wax curtain coated cartons without the carbon footprint. Greencoat® boxes can pack fresh produce, poultry, meat, seafood, stone and other fresh and frozen products that require durable water-resistant packaging.

Interstate Container also produces corrugated retail ready packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, protective packaging and industrial packaging in Lowell and Westminster, MA; Brunswick, NJ; and Reading, PA with sister companies in Asheboro and Greensboro, NC and Greeneville, TN.

Interstate Container plants are members of Interstate Resources, Inc., headquartered in Arlington, VA.

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