GESPA S.A.L is Awarded IoSCM’s Standards of Operational Excellence Certification

GESPA S.A.L (a member of INDEVCO Group) has received certification for meeting the Standards of Operational Excellence of the Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM), the UK’s leading provider of supply chain qualifications, following an audit of its procedures and processes.

The certification demonstrates GESPA S.A.L’s compliance with IoSCM’s international standards for procurement, claims, trials, supplier qualification, supplier evaluation and customer satisfaction processes, and is a result of its recent implementation of new systems and business procedures, which have significantly improved its supply chain management standards.

The certification came into effect in December 2016, and will ensure GESPA S.A.L can enhance the efficiency, safety and profitability of the supply chain in the long term.

This type of certification is all part of IoSCM’s mission is to equip businesses like GESPA S.A.L with high standards of supply chain management skills and knowledge to ensure they can generate maximum return on investment.

To see a copy of GESPA S.A.L’s new IoSCM certification, click here.

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