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INDEVCO Group Lance le Portail des Emballages de Produits Alimentaires

Le nouveau portail offre aux fournisseurs de viandes, de produits surgelés, de produits de boulangerie, et autres, des informations détaillées sur les emballages de produits alimentaires en français.

Visit INDEVCO Group’s New Spanish Dairy Packaging Portal

INDEVCO Group’s packaging portal in Spanish offers detailed information about plastic, paper, composite and corrugated packaging to meet dairy market needs.

ISO 10015: World-Class Learning & Development Practices

The Learning and Development sub-unit of INDEVCO Organization Effectiveness Unit, improves training processes and enhances training solutionsby linking to existing competency framework to achieve effective and efficient outcomes .

Photoblog: Phoenix Energy Exhibits at Beirut Energy Forum 2012

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Phoenix Energy Booth at Beirut Energy Forum 2012   (photo: )

Phoenix Energy Booth at Beirut Energy Forum 2012

Phoenix Energy, renewable energy solutions supplier, meets with Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water to discuss eco-friendly heating solutions at Beirut Energy Forum 2012.

INDEVCO Export Now a Gateway to 10 Packaging Sector Portals Meeting Customer Needs

INDEVCO Group Product E-catalogue,, has now shifted to a simplified landing page, directing visitors to packaging sector portals and product pages.

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