INDEVCO Supports CDLL in Raising National Awareness on Drug Addiction

INDEVCO encourages a drug-free community and a healthy Lebanese youth.

In line with its social corporate responsibility and its relentless commitment to serving the community, INDEVCO Group has recently supported Cénacle de La Lumière (CDLL), a dedicated drug rehab non-profit organization located in Lebanon, in its latest initiative to raise awareness on drug addiction and prevent the youth from falling into its vicious cycle.

Launched under the motto “Bala Drugs – Judge Less, Learn More”, CDLL’s campaign aims at changing people’s attitude towards the addict, encourage them to understand the real causes behind drug addiction, and thus actively foster a culture of recovery and participate in the prevention.


During a press conference held under the patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs at Crowne Plaza Hotel, on Thursday, January 2017, CDLL President Ms. Suraya Frem showcased alarming facts about the gravity of the situation, mainly in light of the youth’s easy access to drugs and illicit substance, frail national awareness about possible treatment programs, and lack of specialized hospitals. Knowing that many families are totally oblivious to the alarming signs that can be detected during the early stages, Ms. Frem emphasized the importance of embracing the marginalized addicts and promoting their reintegration into the community as productive, responsible and drug-free citizens.  

Having for mission to serve individuals suffering from drug addiction problems as well as their families, CDLL president announced that the organization has developed a special online platform. «» will provide the public in Lebanon and the Arab region with an accessible and trustworthy source about drug education. The information will be available in English and Arabic and will target, families, youth, drug users, addicts and experts alike in order to empower every threatened individual and nurture a healthy community away from drugs.
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