Photoblog: Napco Meets Petrochemical Industry Executives at GPCA Forum 2015

Napco, a leading Middle Eastern group of manufacturing companies based in Saudi Arabia, exhibits a comprehensive array of packaging tailored to the chemical and petrochemical industry at GPCA Forum 2015.

Executives from Napco met with industry professionals to discuss trends in the petrochemical sector, as well as the group’s wide range of corrugated, paper, and plastic petrochemical packaging during the networking forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Napco member companies, EASTERNPAK, Napco Modern Sack Division, National Paper Products Company, and United Plastic Products Company manufacture paper and polyethylene (PE) bags and sacks, PE protective films and sheets, as well as octabin corrugated bulk bins and PE liners.

Napco Group: Packaging Services for the Petrochemical Industry Since 1956

For nearly 60 years, Napco companies have supplied the petrochemical industry with over 60,000 MT of FFS and paper bags and sacks / year, packing over 15,000 million MT of plastic resins in over 40 countries.

With warehousing and logistics gateways in the UK (Telford, England) and in the US (Houston, Texas), Napco offers reliable and secure supply, combined shipments and JIT delivery to Europe and North America. The manufacturing group sources polymers from suppliers in close proximity, resulting in competitive pricing.

Napco’s petrochemical packaging portfolio includes protective films and sheets (paper slip sheets, PE top sheets, shrink hood film, stretch hood film, and stretch film); bags and sacks (FFS bags, multi-wall paper sacks, PE open mouth bags); and octabin bulk bins and liners.

To view the entire range of petrochemical packaging products, visit

Contact Information

Corrugated Bulk Bins & PET Boxes:


2nd Industrial City, Street #135
PO Box 9942
Dammam 31423, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966-3-812 1341

Fax: +966-3-812 1305 / +966-3-812 3385

Paper Sacks:

National Paper Products Company

First Industrial City, Street 3
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 538
Dammam 31421, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-13-8459 400
Fax: +966-13-8471 435

PE Bags & Films:

Napco Modern Plastic Products Company – Sack Division

1st Industrial City
PO Box 206
Dammam 31411, Saudi Arabia

+966-3-847 3040
Fax: +966-3-847 1484
Email: modern–

United Plastic Products Company Ltd.

Jeddah 4th Industrial City, Street 405-406
PO Box 32859
Jeddah 21438, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-2-638 0885
Fax: +966-2-638 0825



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