INDEVCO Plastics to Exhibit Petrochemical Packaging at NPE 2015

LONGVIEW, Texas, Mar. 12, 2015 -- INDEVCO Plastics will exhibit in Booth #S37127 at NPE 2015 The International Plastics Showcase in Orlando, Florida from March 23-27. Representatives will introduce the newly established facility in Longview, Texas and meet with North American resin suppliers.
INDEVCO Plastics to Exhibit Petrochemical Packaging at NPE 2015
INDEVCO Plastics to Exhibit Petrochemical Packaging at NPE 2015

INDEVCO Group, the global leader in petrochemical packaging, established INDEVCO Plastics’ flexible packaging operation in North America to provide a “one-stop-shop” for packaging to petrochemical companies and other industrial clients.

INDEVCO Plastics will manufacture and warehousing in Longview, while seamlessly importing packaging and films from sister companies overseas. INDEVCO Plastics will supply paperplastic and corrugated packaging for the petrochemical industry, including:


Side gusset and/or micro-perforated form-fill-seal bags

Stretch Hood Film

100% recyclable PE stretch hood film with the ability to cover up to 100 pallets/hour, including irregular shapes

Stretch Film

PE stretch wrap for stabilizing pallets

PE Open Mouth & Valve Bags

Open mouth bags with top or bottom sealing for automated or manual filling; valve bags with flexible closure and quick de-aeration while filling; block shape and anti-slip agent for optimized palletizing

Sacks & Bags

Multi-wall paper sacks, PE FFS bags, PE open mouth & valve bags

Protective Films & Sheets

Stretch film, stretch hood, shrink hood, PE top sheet, paper slip sheets

Octabin Bulk Bins & Liners

Octabin bulk bins for PE granules, Octabin PE liners

INDEVCO Plastics’ experienced management, operations, and sales teams will introduce technical innovations to optimize customer packaging platforms and drive sustainability initiatives.


About INDEVCO Plastics

After successfully supplying the US market with imported top-quality plastic film and packaging for seven years, INDEVCO Group established INDEVCO Plastics as a one-stop source for plastic packaging. INDEVCO Plastics leverages on the group’s 60 years of best practices in industrial manufacturing and experience supplying the petrochemical industry in over 40 countries.

About INDEVCO Group

Established in 1955, privately-owned INDEVCO Group currently employs over 10,250 employees in 72 companies located across the world. The group’s 51 manufacturing plants are situated in the USA, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Ghana, Iraq and Cyprus, while 21 commercial companies are located throughout Europe, Africa and South Asia.

INDEVCO Group’s products include paper and plastic flexible packaging, corrugated containers and displays, consumer and away-from-home disposables, jumbo tissue, and energy solutions. INDEVCO’s current operations in the U.S. include timber and lumber operations, kraft linerboard and recycled corrugating medium paper mills, corrugated containers, corrugated sheet and sheet feeder plants, and  bio-mass power plants.




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