3 Reasons Why Revamped SANITA Tie Bags* Meet Your Needs

Napco optimizes SANITA Tie Bag* to effectively meet garbage bag size and strength preferences in KSA and the Gulf region.
3 Reasons Why Revamped SANITA Tie Bags* Meet Your Needs
3 Reasons Why Revamped SANITA Tie Bags* Meet Your Needs

Napco, leading Saudi-based manufacturing companies, introduces improved SANITA Tie Bags to satisfy consumer needs. SANITA Tie Bags*, high-quality closable garbage bags, meet household needs for thicker and highly resistant garbage bags with built in tie.

3 Reasons Why SANITA Tie Bags are Better?


Napco Consumer Products Division, under INDEVCO supervision, developed a stronger SANITA Tie Bag*, also known as SANITA Abou Rabta, increasing polyethylene (PE) plastic bag thickness by approximately 10%. The thicker bag better secures waste and protects against drip and tear, ensuring reliability and hygiene.


Napco Consumer Division team re-engineered SANITA Tie Bag* specifications to fit standard bin sizes commonly used by consumers in KSA and GCC. Buyers can purchase SANITA Tie Bags in sizes of small (30 Gallons (G) – orange package), medium (50 G – blue package), and large (55 G – black package).


SANITA Tie Bags* offer the highest count of premium-quality bags/pack in the market. The easily stored compressed packs are available at points of sale throughout KSA and GCC containing:

  • 9, 20 or 30 bags/pack – small and medium SANITA Tie Bags*
  • 6, 10 or 18 bags/pack – large SANITA Tie Bags

(*) SANITA Tie Bags trademark is owned by INDEVCO and manufactured by NAPCO companies under license.

About SANITA Tie Bags

Napco, leading manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, produces SANITA Tie Bags brand of plastic garbage bags at member plants, Napco Modern Plastic Products Company in Dammam and UNIPLAST in Jeddah. Napco polyethylene (PE) bag manufacturing plants are members of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging division.

Contact Information

Napco Consumer Products-Division Marketing
P.O.Box 214 Dammam 31411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-3-847-3111
Fax: +966-3-847-1918




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