BAMBI® Baby Diaper Brand Brings ‘Shater, Shater’ Land Tour to Malls in Saudi Arabia

BAMBI®, Saudi brand of baby diapers and wet wipes, launches ‘Shater, Shater’ integrated campaign on-ground at malls in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam.
BAMBI® Baby Diaper Brand Brings ‘Shater, Shater’ Land Tour to Malls in Saudi Arabia
BAMBI® Baby Diaper Brand Brings ‘Shater, Shater’ Land Tour to Malls in Saudi Arabia

Napco baby diaper brand presents the ‘BAMBI® Shater, Shater’ Land tour, in line with the launch of new and improved BAMBI® baby diapers and ‘Shater, Shater’ campaign promoting smart consumer choices. At ‘BAMBI® Shater, Shater’ Land, Napco Consumer Products Division representatives meet with parents to explain the new features and improvements of BAMBI® and distribute informative flyers, ‘Mother’s Guide’ booklets, and full  baby diaper packs, in all sizes, to families with children below 3 years.

At the stand, children enjoy the fun-filled large ‘Shater, Shater’ playground, featured in the TV advertisement, including slides, a colorful ball pit, and BAMBI elephant mascot.

The ‘BAMBI® Shater, Shater’ Land tour targets leading malls in Saudi Arabia:

Dhahran Mall
5 – 7 December 2013
Khobar – Dammam

Granada Mall
21 – 23 November 2013
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Al Andalus Mall
31 October – 2 November 2013
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

BAMBI team caught memorable family moments on camera in Jeddah and Riyadh, and shared the children’s joy on BAMBI Facebook page. The team is live on ground at Dhahran Mall in Dammam, stay tuned for photos…

BAMBI® trademark is owned by INDEVCO and manufactured by NAPCO under license.

About BAMBI®

Napco, leading Saudi-based manufacturing companies, produce high quality BAMBI® baby diapers.  BAMBI® products are made of non-allergic natural fiber and poly based materials to protect baby’s soft skin. New BAMBI® baby diaper offer higher stretch, flexibility, and absorbency.

Napco Consumer Products Company (Dammam),National Paper Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd. (Riyadh) in Saudi Arabia produce a range of personal and family care hygiene disposable products, including baby diapers, feminine napkins, tissue and towels, disposable plastics products, and a range of away-from-home products.

Napco sells its products under license from INDEVCO with regional brand names including BAMBI®, BOUQUET®,  FAM® , FRESHDAYS® , PRIVATE®, SANITA®, Sanita CLUB®, and other brands owned by NAPCO such SUFRA MUTWIYA™.

Contact Information

Napco Consumer Products-Division Marketing
P.O.Box 214 Dammam 31411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-3-847-3111 ext 5574
Fax: +966-3-847-1918




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