Why Change? The Details from Napco’s EVP…

I am pleased to announce the launch of our e-newsletter!
Through this newsletter, we hope to bring different elements of Napco into focus. We will take you with us on our hopeful journey towards strengthening our roots while climbing to secure our place in the sun.
Why Change? The Details from Napco’s EVP…
Why Change? The Details from Napco’s EVP…

Today, leading organizations seek to leverage resources and expertise through interdependence in order to secure sustainable growth and generate business opportunities. In looking ahead, I see a need for meaningful change. We need to be able to cope with rapidly shifting market demands, fast product development, and increased competition.
In fact, more than doubling our current turnover in five years requires a complete paradigm shift. Primarily, this shift involves company culture. Dr. Robert Blake, GRID Founder, first realized the power of culture in changing an individual’s behavior; he believed that isolated therapy was “hopeless”.
The same applies to our work environment. Efficiency of skill can be enhanced or hindered by our overall culture. Our thinking, attitude, and structure need to be continuously refocused to ensure relevance, flexibility, and synergy. As such, we have created a new Matrix structure for our Division.
It is our duty to work together to continuously enhance and develop our founders’ vision. This is how we honor our forefathers. It is our duty to add yet another chapter of success in our history and drive our companies forward, to the prosperous dawn ahead of us all.
Bahjat Georges Frem

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