Efficient Growth at the Heart of Napco’s Business

Driven by our ongoing growth strategy and in line with the new macroeconomic imperatives entailed by the universal drop of oil prices, I call on you to decisively focus on and adapt to a bi-fold mindset.
Efficient Growth at the Heart of Napco’s Business
Efficient Growth at the Heart of Napco’s Business

Cost Effectiveness

It all starts with small simple tasks and stretches to bigger and more challenging objectives. Our duty here is to prioritize cost-reduction opportunities by “trimming the fat and keeping the muscles”.

Time management is also considered a vital element in cost control and effectiveness. In order to keep pace with innovation and meet the rising demands of the new era, our planning should be coupled with a smart investment that optimizes our journey towards continuous value creation.

Value Capture

I advise every concerned member of our division to forecast, recruit, negotiate, and spend with one main objective in mind: to maximize value capture. It is needless to remind you that the “Time Factor” is also part of the value.

Value capture doesn’t mean value destruction in business interactions. Creating a “Win-Win Situation” and ensuring a fair value distribution are eventually a must!

Last but not least, by applying our deep-rooted philosophy “What Is Good for the Community Is Good for the Company”, we spread the essence of our values and empower our people. We are a company with a social mission; therefore we will continue as one to serve the welfare of the community by promoting the role of the Saudi workforce and engaging both men and women in the kingdoms’ prosperity. Let us move forward with our journey!

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Sincerely Yours,

Bahjat Georges Frem

Executive Vice President