Fam® Announces the Launch of its New Incontinence Pad

The new Fam® Protect helps women to face bladder weakness and retain their dignity.
Fam® Announces the Launch of its New Incontinence Pad
Fam® Announces the Launch of its New Incontinence Pad

Knowing that effective protection can change the day-to-day life of women who are struggling with bladder leaks, Fam, a leading feminine hygiene brand in KSA and the GCC region has recently launched an incontinence pad called Fam Protect, aimed at ensuring women across Saudi Arabia now had access to an innovative product that would improve their lifestyle.

A special launch ceremony was held at the Mövenpick City Star hotel, where brand managers explained how Fam Protect can preserve the dignity of women living with light, moderate or heavy incontinence.

An online campaign ran on Fam’s different platforms to educate the audience about the difference between a regular feminine pad and the incontinence pad in terms of absorbency speed and odor neutralization. In addition to highlighting incontinence causes and preventive measures, promotional materials showcased the role of Fam Protect in helping women feel protected and seize the day with confidence. For more exposure, and as part of an E-marketing strategy, Fam also sponsored educational articles on the famous online content publisher Mawdoo3.com. In addition, promotional ads were posted on the premium Arabic VOD service, Sahid.net.

The packaging of Fam Protect took center stage, with the four different products color coded to denote the differing degrees of incontinence. The designs nodded to the brand’s iconic flower while labels highlighted Fam’s renown natural cotton feel and endorsed The Saudi Urogynecology Group.

About Fam®

Fam is a trusted brand for generations of women who seek optimal protection and extra comfort in a feminine napkin. In line with its motto “Fam® Cares”, Fam brings women the ultimate protection and softness while constantly protecting their health and fostering their wellbeing. The brand is owned by INDEVCO and manufactured under license by Napco National.