Sanita® Bambi Educates Moms on Positive Parenting

Sanita® Bambi’s continued development of its ‘early learning’ initiative resulted in the launch of a new mother-oriented campaign.
Sanita® Bambi Educates Moms on Positive Parenting
Sanita® Bambi Educates Moms on Positive Parenting

Following the success of the ‘Raising Creativity’ campaign, Sanita Bambi Diaper launched from July to August 2017, an integrated social media campaign that focused on ‘Positive Parenting’ skills. The campaign’s objective of applying positive reinforcement techniques in guiding babies and toddlers’ behavior showcased how sound parenting interventions can help to develop a child’s self-esteem and wellbeing.

The objective was strategized by presenting five guiding principles through a series of picture perfect graphics that were systematically posted on Sanita Bambi social media platforms. The five principles included: Correcting a child’s behavior without hurting feelings, avoiding criticism, reducing a baby’s fears and anxiety, avoiding yelling, and expressing love.

The split-design of each graphic – one half illustrating positive reinforcement approaches; the other, the negative approaches to be avoided – was supplemented by informative texts, gifs, and a wrap-up video. Audience engagement was noticeable on both the BambibySanita Instagram page and Bambi Baby Care by Sanita Facebook page with hundreds of moms sharing their own tips on positively reinforcing their children’s behavior and the related outcomes.

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