Sanita® Bambi Spreads Its New Features Updates Online

Sanita® Bambi launches a nationwide digital campaign to communicate its fresh new start.
Sanita® Bambi Spreads Its New Features Updates Online
Sanita® Bambi Spreads Its New Features Updates Online

Sanita Bambi, synonymous with quality in the KSA and the GCC region, has recently embarked on a massive digital marketing campaign to communicate its new advanced features and more appealing package to Saudi consumers.

Following modern advertising strategies, the baby diaper brand targeted the premium Arabic VOD service,, to broadcast its revamped features and direct viewers to the brand’s newest TV commercial posted recently on YouTube.

In conjunction with the Internet television tool, Sanita Bambi has launched a social media campaign under the motto “Bambi … A New Start for Your Baby’s Comfort”. Running from 23 October to 15 December, 2018, the campaign highlights the 6 channel technology, the thinner, yet more absorbent diaper, the adorable “Tom & Jerry” prints and last but not least, the new umbilical cord cut-out for newborns.

With the aim of creating brand awareness and boosting traffic generation, Sanita Bambi’s strategists posted a series of stories, animated videos and engaging visuals on various media channels. The informative videos addressed the expectations of Saudi mothers by clearly displaying the basket of benefits the new Bambi diaper brings to babies, such as comfort, softness, leak-free protection and lasting dryness.

Both English speaking and Arabic speaking segments across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can now explore Bambi’s new features since the campaign is running in two different languages.

About Sanita® Bambi

Sanita Bambi is the brand for independently-minded women who are looking for peak performance in a diaper at a fair price. When you choose Sanita Bambi, you and your little one thrive by making the right choice for your baby and a smart purchase for your family.

The brand is owned by INDEVCO and manufactured under license by Napco National.