Sanita® Makes Cooking Healthier and Meals More Delicious

New Sanita® Cooking & Baking Paper is a trusted helping hand in the kitchen.
Sanita® Makes Cooking Healthier and Meals More Delicious
Sanita® Makes Cooking Healthier and Meals More Delicious

Napco Consumer Products Division always raises the standards high when it comes to making housewives’ lives easier in the kitchen. With the aim of helping families prepare a delicious meal that’s easy to cook and clean up, the division has recently extended its Household Care line with a new cooking and baking paper product.

Sanita® Cooking & Baking Paper is a greaseproof, double-sided silicon paper specially treated for oven use. Being covered with silicon, the cellulose-based sheets offer non-nonstick properties to eliminate the need for fats and oils and allow healthier and crumble-free meals.

The product is used for baking, lining dishes and cake pans, rolling out dough, aroma cooking, steaming, tenderizing and covering countertops during messy tasks to make clean-up easy.

Sanita® Cooking & Baking Paper is also microwave safe. It can withstand temperatures up to 218°C, which makes it perfect for preparing barbecues, cookies and other delicious pastries.

Sanita Cooking & Baking Paper is an ideal disposable non-stick surface for lining your pans and preparing delicious food with no mess at all!

About Napco

Napco Consumer Products Company (Dammam), National Paper Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd. (Riyadh) in Saudi Arabia produce a range of personal and family care hygiene disposable products, including

baby diapers, feminine napkins, tissue and towels, disposable plastics products, and a range of away-from-home products.

Napco sells its products under license from INDEVCO with regional brand names including BAMBI®, BOUQUET®, FAM®, FRESHDAYS® , PRIVATE®, SANITA®, Sanita CLUB®, and other brands owned by Napco, such as SUFRA MUTWIYA™.




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