Sanita Names Final Winners of ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ Campaign

Sanita congratulates all 70 winners of ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ joint national campaign with Sleep Comfort, furniture and mattress manufacturer.
Sanita Names Final Winners of ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ Campaign
Sanita Names Final Winners of ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ Campaign

Sanita, consumer disposables manufacturer, drew the final 20 winners of full kids bedrooms on 15 February 2012 at its premises in Halat, Lebanon. With every purchase of Happies baby diapers or wet wipes, ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ campaign offered customers an opportunity to enter the draw and win 1 of 70 five-piece kids’ bedrooms.

The promotion included full Sleep Comfort kids’ bedroom sets: bed, mattress, night table, closet, and dresser.

Sanita held 3 draws naming winning customers:
28 December 2011
18 January 2012
15 February 2012

*All draws were held under the supervision of the Directorate of the Lebanese National Lottery no.: 1045/1.

Congratulations to ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ Final Winners


Winner Name Coupon Nb رقم القسيمة اسم الرابح
Ahmad Beiani 45630 ٤٥٦٣٠ أحمد بعيني
Ahmad Hanafi 108610 ١٠٨٦١٠ أحمد حنفي
Ali Fawwaz 7673 ٧٦٧٣ علي عبد المجيد ماضي
Ali Ahmad Kazem 74197 ٧٤١٩٧ علي أحمد كاظم
Ali Al Dirani 38472 ٣٨٤٧٢ علي الديراني
Antonio Bou Khalil 138031 ١٣٨٠٣١ أنطونيو بو خليل
Charles Khalil 58751 ٥٨٧٥١ شارل خليل
Dani Watfa 264067 ٢٦٤٠٦٧ داني وطفا
Elie Souheil Massaad 117739 ١١٧٧٣٩ إيلي سهيل مسعد
Farid Karam 135056 ١٣٥٠٥٦ فريد كرم
Fatme al Zahraa 115262 ١١٥٢٦ فاطمة الزهرا
Haydar Alaa el Dine 109142 ١٠٩١٤٢ حيدر علاء الدين
Layan Kseir 811552 ٨١١٥٥٢ ليان قصير
Nana Matta 174096 ١٧٤٠٩٦ نانا متّى
Noujoud al Ali 143568 ١٤٣٥٦٨ نجود العلي
Rayan Tarhani 55463 ٥٤٦٣ ريان ترحاني
Roger Bahri 242502 ٢٤٢٥٠٢ روجيه بحري
Rozine Houjeili 264718 ٢٦٤٧١٨ روزين حجيلي
Toni Maalouf 184172 ١٨٤١٧٢ طوني معلوف
Zeinab Awada 55443 ٥٥٤٤٣ زينب عواضة

About Happies Baby Diapers

Happies is a leading brand of baby nappies and baby wet wipes in Lebanon. The brand includes regular baby diapers and baby aqua swim diapers in different sizes, as well as antibacterial embossed wet wipes with protective cream and embossed baby wet wipes with lotion.

Happies baby diapers and wet towels are produced by Sanita in Halat, Lebanon. Sanita is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group headquartered in Lebanon.

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Fax: +961-9-477-476 (Lebanon)
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