Sanita & Phoenix Energy Give Away 50 Solar Water Heaters

Sanita and Phoenix Energy promote environmental awareness by offering customers a chance to win one of 50 solior solar water heaters.
Sanita & Phoenix Energy Give Away 50 Solar Water Heaters
Sanita & Phoenix Energy Give Away 50 Solar Water Heaters

Sanita partnered with sister company Phoenix Energy to launch the 2014 Gipsy-Solior campaign “Bitaktak Tirba7”, which will run until 26 September 2014.The campaign will give clients a chance to win one of 50 solar water heaters from Phoenix Energy. Solior solar water heater reduces household electrical bill by heating homes using naturally abundant sun light.

In order to participate in the campaign draw, consumers must:

  1. Purchase a pack of Gipsy brand toilet paper
  2. Fill in the second part of the coupon rolled inside the pack
  3. Attach the coupon to two round stickers found on all Gipsy brand facial tissue, hand towel and napkin products
  4. Drop the coupon with the stickers in Gipsy draw boxes found at all point-of-sales in Lebanon

Gipsy-Solior Campaign aims to promote environmental preservation in Lebanon by reducing fossil fuel consumption and environmentally harmful gas emissions from the ‘Electricite Du Liban’ company. The campaign also aims to inform customers of the benefits of solar energy.

About Sanita

Sanita, member of INDEVCO group, produces and distributes hygiene, household tissue, plastics, and foil disposables, as well as away-from-home products. Established in Halat, Lebanon in 1972, Sanita expanded in the region, serving markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The manufacturing company continuously engages in Corporate Social Responsibility activities and clean-up initiatives in Jordan, Kurdistan – Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the region.

About Phoenix Energy

Phoenix Energy, located in Safra, Lebanon, supplies renewable energy products, such as solar water heatersbiomass boilerswind turbine systemssolar outdoor lights, wooden frame houses and PV Systems. In addition, it provides resource assessment services and turnkey commercial projects to recycle and transform waste into electricity using waste-to-energy systems.

Phoenix Energy is a member of Phoenix Group of Companies and a member of the multinationalINDEVCO Group.

Contact Info

Phoenix Energy
Safra, Lebanon
P.O Box 11-2354, Jounieh

Tel: +961-9-855 690
Fax: +961-9-855 696




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