Sanita TVC Introduces New Gipsy Brand Wet Wipes & Liquid Soap

Sanita, Lebanese hygiene disposable products manufacturer, extends Gipsy brand’s product line to meet all aspects of household hygiene needs with new multipurpose wet wipes and liquid soap.
Sanita TVC Introduces New Gipsy Brand Wet Wipes & Liquid Soap
Sanita TVC Introduces New Gipsy Brand Wet Wipes & Liquid Soap

Sanita launches a TV campaign introducing new Gipsy brand wet wipes and liquid soap starting 14 March 2014 on local TV stations: ANB, Al Jadeed, Future TV, LBC, MTV, NBN, and OTV. Under the slogan ‘Gipsy bi Malle el Beit’ (Gipsy Fills Your Home), the TVC educates consumers about the new product extension, as well as the full line of Gipsy family household disposable products. Gipsy product line includes facial tissue, paper towels, and toilet paper, as well as wet wipes and liquid soap.

With a community-centered mission, Sanita listens to consumer and community needs to drive product development. With the community’s best interest in mind, Sanita uses safe materials in household products to protect consumers from harmful substances, such as paraben and triclosan.

Gipsy Soft Plus Wet Wipes

New Gipsy soft plus wet wipes contain 100 sheets with Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E. The multipurpose wet wipes offer cleaning, moisturizing, and nourishing properties and do not include paraben and alcohol.

Gipsy Liquid Soap

Gipsy antibacterial liquid soap contains chamomile extract and Vitamin E to help maintain clean, moist, and soft skin. The triclosan and paraben-free liquid soap comes in containers of 500 ml and is available in 6 fragrances: rain flower (blue), forest fever (green), rose, muguet (red), white tea (no color), fruits fusion (orange), and oriental charm (purple).

“As a local household brand in the industry for x years, we wanted to express the strong bond Gipsy brand has with its customers, becoming part of a family. With our new TVC we tried to demonstrate how a newlywed couple happily integrated Gipsy Man character into every aspect of their life.”
Sanita Marketing Department

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About Sanita

Sanita, member of INDEVCO group, produces and distributes hygiene, household tissue, plastics, and foil disposables, as well as away-from-home products. Established in Halat, Lebanon in 1972, Sanita expanded in the region, serving markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The manufacturing company continuously engages in Corporate Social Responsibility activities and clean-up initiatives in Jordan, Kurdistan – Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the region.




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