Forbes Middle East Releases Special Report on “How Lebanon’s INDEVCO Group Turned Chaos To Opportunity”

INDEVCO Group turns threats into opportunities by Listening to Change and adapting to difficult times.

Amidst the economical and health crisis in Lebanon, INDEVCO adapted and reinforced its commitment to securing business continuity, surpassing business goals, meeting community needs, and continuing to support its 10,000+ employees and their families.

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How Lebanon’s INDEVCO Group Turned Chaos To Opportunity

Over the past three years, Lebanon has been experiencing an economic and wider general state of uncertainty. With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the situation became much more difficult, both on the local and global scale, as most businesses suffered, with few able to survive unscathed. Amid the crisis, INDEVCO Group, the multinational manufacturing group, was one of the even fewer organizations to grow.

Under the motto of “We Listen To Change”, the Lebanon-based group was able to take full advantage of its diversified business model and agile approach to withstand, adapt, and thrive throughout these pressures and continue to support its 10,000+ employees and their families. “We went all in. We said we are listening to the change, and we want to adapt to it,” says Neemat Frem, CEO of INDEVCO Group. Accordingly, the company was able to stay operational during the peak of the pandemic through enforcing strict and organization-wide health protection policies, enabling and promoting a work-from-home policy, and assisting employees to complete the vaccination process.

Driven by its goals of sustainability and social responsibility, between 2019 and 2021, INDEVCO Group created over 600 job opportunities for the Lebanese people to support the country in retaining its talents. The group has also launched its digital platform, 961Home, which has become one of Lebanon’s leading delivery platforms, aiming to help the people in Lebanon gain access to household necessities. Moreover, in recognition of the country’s rising need for food security, Masterpak, a member of the group’s packaging division, launched the production of household greenhouse covers hoping to assist local families in growing their own produce.

Innovation-wise, the challenging circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic have inspired INDEVCO Group to make use of its diverse portfolio of companies and come up with different solutions that cater to the arising needs of the market. For instance, as the organization’s machinery producer, Phoenix Machinery, has designed, tested, and launched respiratory ventilators in order to help support the highly affected healthcare sector to face its shortage in this area. The company was also able to find a way to upgrade hygiene converting machinery to produce medical facemasks.

Using the same technology, Sanita, INDEVCO’s leading consumer disposables company, launched the production of medical masks to cater to critical local needs as well as starting a new protective line of hygiene and disinfection products. Through these efforts, the multinational group has already donated one million masks to Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health, and a variety of other hygiene products to several ministries, municipalities, healthcare institutions, NGOs, and other organizations.

Over the past decades, the manufacturing group has been able to hone its ability to adapt and spot opportunity in times of hardship. In the hopes of sharing its experience and support other local and regional businesses thrive in chaos, cope with the new normal, overcome challenges, and capture new opportunities, INDEVCO launched its own consultancy pillar in 2020. With these goals in mind, INDEVCO Consultancy has already launched the Operational Excellence Academy, which offers technical solutions in a variety of fields.