INDEVCO Co-Chairs Alliance to End Plastic Waste Middle East North Africa Regional Task Group

Leveraging expertise and experience, INDEVCO partners with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste to help reduce plastic waste in the Middle East and North Africa region

INDEVCO Co-Chairs Alliance to End Plastic Waste Middle East North Africa Regional Task Group
INDEVCO Co-Chairs Alliance to End Plastic Waste Middle East North Africa Regional Task Group

As a multinational group of manufacturing companies with over 6 decades of experience in the region, INDEVCO took on the role of Co-Chair to the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Regional Task Group. The objective of the AEPW Regional Task Group (RTG) is to translate its global strategy for eliminating plastic waste into a regional strategy that tailors to the local resources, challenges, and needs.

In September 2021, AEPW launched the MENA RTG bringing together local and international member companies with strong presence in the region. INDEVCO Board Member, Marwan Frem, presented during the launch meeting a detailed review of the regional status to shed light on key pain points and opportunities, identifying major sources of plastic waste, end destinations and highly polluted regions, deserts and water bodies plagued most by plastic waste, existing recycling infrastructure, and potential plastic waste reduction projects in the region.

AEPW RTGs aims to ensure that the Alliance’s projects around the world are focused on the right local priorities and managed in the most appropriate manner. RTGs also guides AEPW’s strategy and shape investments to manage plastic waste. The RTGs communities are made up of senior representatives from member companies of the AEPW, all passionate about managing plastic waste and building a circular economy for plastic.

INDEVCO joined the AEPW in 2020 to tackle the global challenge of plastic waste and protect the environment. INDEVCO’s subsidiary company based in Saudi Arabia, Napco National plays an active role in the Alliance due to its strong commitment to the circular economy of plastics. AEPW collaborates with global partners and a diverse network of resources and expertise to create and scale innovative solutions to end plastic waste through its four strategic pillars:

  • Invest in infrastructure systems to manage plastic waste and recycling.
  • Support ideas that scale new technologies and solutions towards a circular economy.
  • Share awareness through education and engagement.
  • Clean ups to provide communities with a plastic free environment


As a diversified manufacturing group, INDEVCO produces corrugated, paper, and plastic raw materials and packaging, jumbo tissue rolls, consumer and away-from-home disposables, renewable energy solutions, converting machinery, and CNC machined parts. With sustainable development as a major driver, INDEVCO is dedicated to integrating environmental sustainability in operations, from raw material and energy efficiency to waste management and emission reduction.

The group also heavily engages communities and launches social initiatives to address key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Headquartered in Ajaltoun, Lebanon, INDEVCO employs over 10,000 people in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the US in 39 manufacturing plants and 40 commercial companies.

About Napco National

Founded in 1956 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Napco National aims to create valuable products and customized services for GCC industries, while addressing social needs and taking measures to protect the environment. Napco National plants manufacture and supply plastic, paper, and corrugated raw materials and packaging to diverse industries, as well as produce consumer disposables for retail and away-from-home businesses in the GCC and beyond. Napco sources indigenous raw materials and recycles post-industrial plastic waste.