INDEVCO Group Co-Sponsors Lebanese Summer Event of the Year: Jounieh International Festival 2013

INDEVCO Group co-sponsors Jounieh International Festival for the third consecutive year to revive the beautiful old souks of Jounieh.
INDEVCO Group Co-Sponsors Lebanese Summer Event of the Year: Jounieh International Festival 2013
INDEVCO Group Co-Sponsors Lebanese Summer Event of the Year: Jounieh International Festival 2013

In line with the group’s commitment to community support, INDEVCO Group joins Phellipolis, a non-profit organization, and Jounieh Municipality to promote tourism to the Lebanese coast and old roads of Jounieh with Jounieh International Festival.

Jounieh International Festival 2013 features attention-grabbing stunts and shows, concerts from internationally and regionally renowned artists, and fun-filled events for families, children, and the youth. The annual summer festival will take place from 21 June – 9 July 2013, amid the traditional Lebanese architecture of Jounieh.

What Events will Jounieh International Festival 2013 Feature?

Jounieh International Festival 2013 will open with a synchronized firework show above the Mediterranean coastline. The 13-day summer festival 2013 will feature street and kid shows, parades, hot air balloon rides, boating events, and a lighting show on Jounieh port.

For the first time, Jounieh International Festival 2013 will launch ‘Green Day’ event to promote environmental awareness. The old Jounieh road will be closed on 23 June for families to enjoy biking, rollerblading, and skateboarding along the beautiful Lebanese coast. The festival also offers sports events, including the Red Bull event and Lebanese final car park drift on 6 July.

On 28 June, the festival will highlight nightlife with ‘Jounieh Summer Fever’ at Jounieh Pub Street. The event will also feature performances from recognized artists Arabic, French, and English to satisfy different musical preferences. Performances include:

  • 29June – Michel Sardou, French singer, will perform his greatest hits, as part of the ‘Les Grands Moments’ world tour
  • 30 June – Ragheb Alami, regionally acclaimed Lebanese singer, will perform a selection of his top Arabic singles on
  • 2 July – Mika, Lebanese-born British pop star, will present his third pop album, as part of the “The Origin of Love” world tour
  • 9 July – Performances from the ‘Voice’ tour, with a special appearance by Anthony Touma, Lebanese participant of the singing competition

Learn more about Jounieh International Festival 2013 full program.


“PHELLIPOLIS” is a Lebanese non-profit association, whose main mission is to work for the development and modernization of municipal work in order to ensure decent living for the citizen. The association strives to achieve sustainable development in the cities through, human development, social, economic, environmental and tourism projects, thus contributing to the growth of the cities’ overall infrastructure.

“PHELLIPOLIS” promotes its mission through the organization of seminars, lectures, and technical studies related to various fields and issues. Amongst its key objectives: activating the role of the youth, organizing festivals, promoting tourism and enhancing individual and community well-being. [1]

About INDEVCO Group

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INDEVCO Group affiliates also manufacture personal care, household and institutional disposables for the retail and away-from-home (AFH) markets. INDEVCO Group employs over 9400 people in Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the United States.






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