INDEVCO Revamps Petrochemical & Chemical Packaging Portal

Aligning with the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Forum 2014, INDEVCO launches a revamped petrochemical and chemical packaging portal on 21 November 2014.
INDEVCO Revamps Petrochemical & Chemical Packaging Portal
INDEVCO Revamps Petrochemical & Chemical Packaging Portal

The redesigned INDEVCO petrochemical and chemical packaging portal provides a simple, user-friendly, and straightforward interface, now featuring an informative industry video and brochure on the home page. Optimized for accessibility, the website highlights product categories in the header with each product linking into a separate page with all required specifications and an easy-to-fill request for quotation form.

INDEVCO Group’s range of products for the petrochemical industry include bags and sacks, bulk bins and liners, and protective films and sheets to pack polymers, resins, additives, fertilizers, hazardous substances, and other petrochemical and chemical products.
The revamped INDEVCO Petrochemical Portal comes just in time for the 9th GPCA Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), where Napco companies will exhibit flexible and corrugated packaging at Booth # 26 from 23 – 25 November 2014. The array of products INDEVCO offers the petrochemical industry consists of:
Bags & Sacks paper and plastic pouches for diverse filling and storing options
  • Multi-wall paper sacks: Ideal for chemical materials
  • PE form-fill-seal (FFS) bags: Cost-effective and customizable for faster filling and effective stacking
  • PE open mouth bags: Optimized for pallettorage
  • PE valve bags: For automated or manual filling of different material weights
Bulk Bins & Liners corrugated bulk bins and PE liners for filling, storing, and shipping PE granules and PET preforms
  • Bulk bins for PET performs: Easily-assembled heavy-duty bins with strong triple-wall and paper core
  • Octagonal bulk bins for PE granules: Double-wall octabin bulk bins with capacity up to 1 Ton
  • Octagonal bulk bins for PET preforms: Triple-wall octabin bulk bins with capacity up to ½ Ton
  • Octabin PE liners: Wide range of options related to filling, sealing, packaging size, etc…
Protective Films & Sheets paper and PE protective films and sheets for wrapping pallets and keeping them stable
  • Paper slip sheets: Cheap and ideal for unloading chemical and polymer bags from trucks
  • PE top sheet: Long-term protection that resists punctures and tears
  • Shrink hood film: See-through, guaranteed protection and stability of the packaged product
  • Stretch hood film: Stretchable, protective, and resistant to punctures and tears; suitable for high-speed automatic machines
  • Manual stretch film: Easily-wrapped, long-term protection, wide range of color/clarity choices for effective inspection and protection of goods
  • Machine stretch film: Reduced material cost & film waste, multi-layer structure, and high clarity for effective inspection and protection of goods

Napco Group: Packaging Services for the Petrochemical Industry Since 1956

For nearly 60 years, Napco companies have supplied the petrochemical industry with over 60,000 MT of FFS and paper bags and sacks / year, packing over 15,000 million MT of plastic resins in over 40 countries.

Our warehousing and logistics gateways in the UK (Telford, England) and in the US (Houston, Texas) offer reliable and secure supply, combined shipments and JIT delivery to Europe and North America. We source polymers from suppliers in close proximity, resulting in competitive pricing.

Napco’s petrochemical packaging portfolio includes protective films and sheets (paper slip sheets, PE top sheets, shrink hood film, stretch hood film, and stretch film); bags and sacks (FFS bags, multi-wall paper sacks, PE open mouth bags); and octabin bulk bins and liners.

Napco companies are members of INDEVCO Group.

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