Napco National Private Label Solutions to Reveal Latest Advancements at the 2023 Private Label Middle East

Napco National Private Label Solutions will meet retailers in the Private Label Middle East 2023 from 7-9 November at Al Mustaqbal Plaza Hall, in Dubai World Trade Center, M1- I10.

Napco National Private Label Solutions to Reveal Latest Advancements at the 2023 Private Label Middle East
Napco National Private Label Solutions to Reveal Latest Advancements at the 2023 Private Label Middle East

For the second consecutive year, Napco National Private Label Solutions, a leading manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC since 1956, will exhibit at the Private Label Middle East 2023 to discuss the specific requirements of retailers from different sectors, including pharmacy chains, supermarket chains, and e-commerce platforms for their store brands.

As a proud Non-Food Category Sponsor, Napco’s executives will take this exceptional opportunity to discuss the latest innovations and industry insights, as well as potential collaboration opportunities. The team present at the show will also help retailers define their needs and specifications for Baby Care, Feminine Care, Adult Care, Household Care, Family Hygiene, as well as Pet Care and to sell their products under their own brand name, allowing for greater retail differentiation, profit margins and a diverse product offering.

Highlighting commitment to innovation, sustainability, and growth, Napco National Private Label Solutions will announce its new Eco-Friendly portfolio, Baby Pants products and Pet Care range as well as its state-of-the-art wet wipes manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia and new Feminine Napkins, Baby Diapers and Tissue products production lines in UAE.

Greener Tomorrow

Napco National Private Label Solutions is committed to sustainable product development, prioritizing investment in R&D to innovate products that align with market needs while minimizing adverse effects on the environment. Napco experts will unveil their ‘Green’ product portfolio reflecting dedication to sustainability and offering an opportunity to partners to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.

Ultimate Baby Care

Napco’s primary focus is to ensure the well-being of babies while staying ahead of the ever-evolving needs of parents as cherished customers in the GCC region. During the show, Napco’s executives will be revealing the new ‘Baby Pants’ product line produced locally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ensuring that this product exceeds industry standards, delivering comfort, safety, and high quality.

Fur Love Essentials

Napco will also be thrilled to showcase the new ‘Pet Care’ portfolio including Pet Shampoo, Pet Conditioner, and Pet Perfume, designed to provide furry friends with the love and care they deserve. This ‘Pet Care’ line offers a variety of specialized treatments, including standard, brightening, and hypoallergenic options for shampoo, a conditioning formula for a soft and shiny coat, and a range of natural fragrances for pet perfume, ensuring a complete grooming experience.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Napco’s experts will introduce their new, state-of-the-art, wet wipes manufacturing plant that will be operational by mid-2024 in Saudi Arabia. This plant is equipped to handle various formulations and packaging options to deliver customizable solutions and quality wet wipes tailored to the specific customer requirements and needs.

Production Excellence

During the event, Napco’s team will introduce the new production lines for Feminine Napkins, Baby Diapers and Tissue products at Ras Al Khaimah facility, solidifying the UAE as a significant production hub. These production lines will increase capacity, integrate cutting-edge technology, and promote local manufacturing.

George Said, Head of Private Label Solutions, explains, “We are thrilled about this year’s Private Label Middle East, as it marks our second time exhibiting and offers us the opportunity to reconnect with our valued Partners and Visitors. Our executives will address the queries, share product expertise, and explore potential partnerships”.

About Napco National – Private Label Solutions

With a legacy spanning more than six decades in the manufacturing of high-quality disposable consumer goods, we are now expanding our commitment to provide retailers form different sectors with exclusive, environmentally conscious, and safe product offerings. Our comprehensive lineup includes a wide range of categories, Baby Care, Feminine Care, Adult Care, Household Care, Family Hygiene and Pet Care products.

We leverage cutting-edge manufacturing technology and automation to guarantee the highest levels of production efficiency and we incorporate market insights to deliver data-driven products and services to our partners. Leading the charge in innovation, our Research & Development Center employs advanced technologies to enhance our products, streamline our processes, and improve cost-effectiveness, all while consistently aligning with the ever-evolving needs and demands of our valued customers.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability, acknowledged through our partnership with the United Nations Global Compact, serves as a driving force for us to persistently innovate and aim for a completely sustainable product portfolio.

About Private Label Middle East 2023

Private Label Middle East 2023 is MENA’s #1 event for private label and contract manufacturing where buyers can get straight to the source for cost-effective customizable products, branding & packaging solutions, bringing together food & and non-food suppliers, private label & contract manufacturers from over 30 countries across the globe, all conveniently located under one roof.

The event will see manufacturers on the event floor, exploring opportunities to utilize excess capacity towards more profitable lines. Whilst brand owners, category managers, procurement heads, distributors, traders, buyers, chefs, and other product developers discover thousands of products to win customers with their own unique brand offering. Private Label Middle East 2023 will also feature a conference boasting the industry’s leading private label contributors speaking on the latest trends and case studies, giving you an opportunity to network and get key industry insights right from the source.