Napco & ROTOPAK at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015: Food-Safe Catering & Foodservice Packaging

During Gulfood Manufacturing 2015, Napco and sister company ROTOPAK, a member of INDEVCO Group, welcome catering and foodservice companies to Booth #Z-A110 to discuss a wide range of branded, food-safe, and functional corrugated and flexible packaging on display. Napco and ROTOPAK build on decades of expertise to offer elevated customer experience and tailored packaging at the event from 27 - 29 October 2015 at Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates.
Napco & ROTOPAK at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015: Food-Safe Catering & Foodservice Packaging
Napco & ROTOPAK at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015: Food-Safe Catering & Foodservice Packaging

Customized & Innovative Corrugated & Solid Board Catering & Foodservice Packaging

Napco member company, EASTERNPAK, and sister company, ROTOPAK, manufacture corrugated and solid board packaging (respectively) approved for food contact. The manufacturing facilities of EASTERNPAK in Dammam and ROTOPAK in Dubai manage food safety thoroughly, meeting stringent requirements for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), the FEFCO Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard for corrugated and solid board.

EASTERNPAK team works with clients to translate structural and branding needs into innovative and functional catering packaging that maintains food freshness. The manufacturer offers a wide range of customizable structural designs, adapting to varying customer requirements based on type of food, temperature, transportation conditions, branding needs, etc.

EASTERNPAK and ROTOPAK produce multi-functional carriers, pack carriers, as well as corrugated and solid board boxes for meals, pastry, pizza, and sandwiches.

Functional Flexible Catering & Foodservice Packaging

Napco Flexible Packaging companies focus on customer experience, with a sales team dedicated to providing excellent customer service and technical expertise. Multipak, National Paper Products Company, and Compact, together with sister company ROTOPAK serve fast food franchises, restaurants, coffee chains, and other food and beverage businesses with a comprehensive range of paper bags and cups, as well as co-extruded laminated sachets. Napco Flexible Packaging companies and ROTOPAK also focus on consumer well-being by addressing hazard and hygiene risks to continuously adhere to international standards for food safety, including HACCP and BRC/IoP.

National Paper Products Company offers a variety of paper bags with different properties, such as printed or plain, with or without handles, grease-proof, leak-proof, free standing and stable, microwavable, etc. As one of the only manufacturers of polyethylene (PE) tubes in the region, National Paper Products Company manufactures paper multi-wall sacks (MWS) with a PE tube interior rather than PE coating, which offers superior sealing properties to maintain product freshness while still leveraging the appeal of the paper bag.

Multipak produces branded paper cups in a range of thicknesses for hot and cold beverages to avoid soaking, leaking or burning. ROTOPAK & Compact produce mono layer and co-extruded laminated sachets and tear sticks.

About Napco & ROTOPAK

Napco, established in 1956, is a leading manufacturing group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its companies exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015 include Compact, EASTERNPAK, Napco Modern Plastic Products Company – Technical Division, and National Paper Products Company in Dammam, as well as Multipak in Jeddah. Acquired in 2015, ROTOPAK, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, manufactures flexible and paperboard packaging products.

Napco and ROTOPAK also produce food, dairy, beverage and ice cream packaging including:

Corrugated & Solid Board: Bag-in-box, bottle carriers, containers, counter and floor stand displays, hanging display boxes, industrial trays, multi-functional carrier, promotional boxes, shelf ready packaging, wrap carry cartons

Flexible: Bread bag, Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film, blister, chub films, co-extruded bags, cone sleeves, die cut and roll fed lidding, foil wrappers, food sachet, inner wrapper, laminated aluminum foil wrap, laminated bags, laminated film, mono-layer printed films, multi-wall sacks, outer wrap,  paper bag, paper cups, parchment paper, PE films for form fill seal (FFS) applications, polylaminate capsules, roll fed labels, SOS bags, stock wraps, thermoforming barrier films, top web films, stretch and shrink sleeve labels, squeeze tubes, vacuum bags, wicket bags




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