Sanita My Home launches 2 New Duet TVCs on National TV

Sanita My Home goes on air with 2 brand awareness TVCs.

Following their first TV ad launched to introduce the full portfolio of Sanita My Home line, Sanita HPC and Sanita Persona – leading hygiene, personal care, and household disposable products manufacturers and suppliers in Lebanon – are currently embarking on an extensive promotional TV campaign that focuses on the unique and enhanced features of four products from Sanita My Home detergent line:

Sanita My Home launches 2 New Duet TVCs on National TV
Sanita My Home launches 2 New Duet TVCs on National TV

The campaign – consisting of 2 different TV commercials, each showcasing a Sanita My Home Duet – is airing on LBCI, MTV and Al Jadeed channels until May 16th, 2022.

In a time of emerging viruses and forever worsening economic crises, efficiency and performance in our daily cleaning routine have become more crucial than ever in determining a consumer’s purchase decision. This is where Sanita My Home, recognized by top European quality standards labs, stands out as a world-class Lebanese brand, exceeding its competition in terms of quality and price levels, and aiming to maintain customer loyalty, while expanding to reach larger audiences.

First Duet TV, running under the motto “Sanita My Homeكيف ما برمت بتحميك ،” (Sanita My Home will protect you wherever you go), features the characteristics of the products below:

  • Sanita My Home Floor Detergent
    Brings perfect cleanliness to every type of wipeable floor in your home.
  • Sanita My Home Antiseptic & Disinfectant
    An effective and concentrated formula that kills the harmful bacteria and provides optimal protection against infections and illnesses.

Second Duet TV, running under the motto “كل غسلة، كأن أول لبسة”, (Your clothes look brand new every time with Sanita My Home), stresses on the features of the products below:

  • Sanita My Home Laundry Power Gel
    With an improved formula and color protection power to keep your clothes looking vibrant and smelling fresh.
  • Sanita My Home Fabric Softener
    Gently infuses your clothes with deeper softness to smoothen fibers.

Click here to watch the First Duet TVC and the Second Duet TVC.

About Sanita

Since its establishment in 1972, Sanita has become a household name synonymous with quality consumer products, outstanding support for the community, and commitment to the environment.

A member of INDEVCO Group, Sanita is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of household, institutional, paramedical and personal care products. Sanita works to gain trust and customer satisfaction through commitment to the highest product quality and consistency standards.

About Sanita Persona

Established in 2005 in Zouk, Lebanon, Sanita Persona – member of INDEVCO Group – manufactures and distributes disposable personal and household care products, in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Sanita Persona manufactures wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and liquid hand soaps. We also produce diaper closure tapes for converting adult and baby diapers.