Interstate Container Showcases a Strong & Cost Saving Alternative to Wax Packaging at SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference 2015

Interstate Container, US-based corrugated packaging manufacturer, to exhibit a strong, sustainable and cost saving alternative to wax packaging for produce retailers and growers, at Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference 2015.
Interstate Container Showcases a Strong & Cost Saving Alternative to Wax Packaging at SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference 2015
Interstate Container Showcases a Strong & Cost Saving Alternative to Wax Packaging at SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference 2015

During Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference 2015 (SERFVC), Interstate Container will display wax-free, water-resistant, coated Greencoat® boxes at Booth # 435/437 from January 9 – 10, 2015 at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in Savannah, GA. Farmers, packers, and other visitors can meet with Interstate Container packaging experts at Booth # 435/437 to discuss the cost-efficient sustainable box and schedule side-by-side trials with their current packaging.

Greencoat® boxes offer growers and packers a coated, wax-free box to pack, protect and effectively deliver fragile fruits and vegetables, such as cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, peaches, peppers, squash, tomatoes, and yams, in addition to seedlings.

Greencoat® Box Strength & Sustainability

Interstate Container invested 5 years of R&D and customer trials to develop customizable Greencoat® wax-free boxes. The manufacturer continuously launches trials to test the water-resistant box’s performance under the most severe shipping conditions. Greencoat® boxes are 10% stronger than traditional wax coated boxes.

With tested performance, FBA-certified Greencoat® wax-free coated boxes withstand cold and damp conditions and rough handling, offering a durable packaging solution for long transportation, storage, and field and shed packing.  Interstate Container ensures that all produce boxes feature A-flute single-wall, providing greater compression strength.

Greencoat® Box Cost Efficiency

Greencoat® boxes provide significant savings to both the retailer and grower by ending costly wax cascaded carton disposal fees ranging from $65-$125 / ton (tipping fees & pull) while protecting fresh fruits and vegetables like traditional wax coated boxes. Interstate Container also appoints experienced produce packaging experts to work with customers to develop customized packaging, build strength, and decrease box costs by reducing unnecessary material use and waste.

Anne Vogul, Assistant Manager Retail Operations, stated during the Save-A-Lot-Trial, “These boxes are great for us on many levels. They take waste out of our waste room which allows us to reduce dumpster size. We also get to recycle the boxes which add a little bit of additional revenue for us. And in many cases these boxes can be cheaper than the present wax box that we are paying for so it is a win, win, win for everybody!”

About SE Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference 2014

The Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference is an educational conference and trade show that addresses food safety, specific commodity sessions on production practices and increased yields, and marketing strategies, as well as provides a forum for interaction between key growers, vendors and suppliers. The event houses over 200 exhibitors covering specialty crop agriculture.

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container’s manufacturing plants in Columbia, SC and Cambridge, MD produce 100% of the pioneering Greencoat® corrugated packaging in-house without sourcing from third parties. FBA-certified Greencoat® wax-free corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable, repulpable, and compostable. Interstate Container’s sustainable packaging solution can withstand shifts from hot to cold, and offers the same strength as wax curtain coated cartons without the carbon footprint. Greencoat® boxes can pack fresh produce, poultry, meat, seafood, stone and other fresh and frozen products that require durable water-resistant packaging.

Interstate Container also produces corrugated retail ready packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, protective packaging and industrial packaging in Lowell and Westminster, MA; Brunswick, NJ; and Reading, PA with sister companies in Asheboro and Greensboro, NC and Greeneville, TN.

Interstate Container is a member of Interstate Resources Inc., a member of INDEVCO Group.




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