T-flute: The Latest Flute Profile at UNIPAKHELLAS

In line with the business growth strategies at UNIPAKHELLAS, a new board thickness, T-flute, can now be offered. With this smart and studied expansion, UNIPAKHELLAS can now produce corrugated boards and boxes with flute A (≈ 5mm), B (≈3mm), C (≈ 4mm), and E (≈1.6mm), and T (≈ 2.2mm).

T-flute: The Latest Flute Profile at UNIPAKHELLAS
T-flute: The Latest Flute Profile at UNIPAKHELLAS

What is T-Flute? 

Positioned in thickness between B and E, T-flute boards measure at ≈ 2.2mm and bring many benefits to the packaging itself and to the supply chain and logistics of the business.

It is the ideal balance between print appearance and performance in specific applications.

What advantages can T-Flute bring to your packaging?

Choosing T-Flute has its advantages. The difference in thickness between B and T is positively reflected in the transportation loading and storage volumes. Boxes or boards made with T-flute profile will yield between 15% and 30% more materials per truck load and take up to 30% less space in warehouses in comparison to B-Flute. Same quantity for less volume leads to cost saving on the overall transportation, warehousing, and storage costs.

Simply put, there will be more material per truck and less storage area used, leaving more space for other items and products or even different usage. 

Since your trucks and containers will fit more T-flute materials, your logistics and shipping costs will decrease, and the environmental impact of transport will decline with less needed trips to finish the job.

Moreover, the outer line of the T-flute boards and boxes have a smoother print surface than thicker flute profiles. The smooth surface creates an ideal canvas for high quality printing whether it being Flexographic, Lithographic, or Digital.

What packaging solutions and applications are better with T-flute?

T-flute is a versatile and optimal thickness profile that can be used for various FMCG packaging across many sectors.

For example, T-flute can be ideal for bottling and canning packages. The trays and wrap-around boxes can run quicker on the automated lines and as mentioned, take up less space in the warehouses.

Another ideal use of T-flute is for Shelf-ready-Packaging (SRPs) and counter displays (POS) where high graphics printing is required.

Even for pizza boxes, transitioning to T-flute can be a smart and strategic move saving up space in central kitchens and restaurants for other products needed for work.

The options and potential benefits for changing your packaging to T-flute are numerous.

Contact us now and find out if T-flute is the best flute for your packaging.