Phoenix Machinery Now Supplies SIEMENS Process Control System – SIMATC PCS 7

Phoenix Machinery, Lebanese industrial machine manufacturer, signs supplementary agreement with SIEMENS to include the Process Control System – SIMATIC PCS7 in solution partnership.
Phoenix Machinery Now Supplies SIEMENS Process Control System – SIMATC PCS 7
Phoenix Machinery Now Supplies SIEMENS Process Control System – SIMATC PCS 7

Phoenix Machinery and SIEMENS extend solution partnership agreement to include SIMATIC PCS7, a homogeneous and integrated process control system suitable for optimizing all operating sequences of a company. SIMATIC PCS7 boosts plant efficiency and integrates safety technology offering a safer working environment and smooth continuous system operations for reliable protection of personnel and environment, as well as process and plant.

With effortless integration into SIEMENS’ Totally Integrated Automation, SIMATIC PCS7 provides universal, customized technology for all applications of process automation, starting with input logistics, covering production or primary processes, as well as downstream (secondary) processes, up to output logistics.

As an approved SIEMENS solutions partner, Phoenix Machinery offers SIMATIC PCS7 Innovations 2013.

Process Control System – SIMATIC PCS 7 Benefits

SIMATIC PCS7 incorporates additional functions, in comparison to regular process control systems. The process control system offers batch process automation, material transport control, asset management, tele-control and security applications, as well as process data analysis/management.

SIMATIC PCS7 offers customers several advantages:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership through integrated data management, communication, and configuration, as well as through:
    • Minimization of hardware and engineering costs
    • Minimization of costs for spare parts
    • Minimization of engineering overhead
    • Savings in logistics, maintenance and training costs
  • Improve performance and quality with efficient engineering, reliability, and availability:
    • Facilities for process optimization
    • Adaptability to changing requirements
    • Simple, fast definition and selection of system components
    • Short delivery times for spare parts and expansion components
  • Flexibility and scalability (adapts to small systems to large plant networks)
  • Increase safety & security through integrated safety-related automation solutions, comprehensive IT security, and advanced security concept for safeguarding the I&C system
  • Enhance customer service by offering local service and support through a global network of experts and authorized partners

Process Control System – SIMATIC PCS 7 Functions

Homogeneous & Uniform

The merge of automation engineering and information technology drives growing demand for flexible production plants, seamlessly integrated universal automation engineering solutions, and increased productivity. Manufacturers can use SIMATIC PCS 7 as a standalone process control system or can integrate it with the SIMATIC, SIMOTION, or drive systems to capitalize on a consistent and homogeneous overall system.

Totally Integrated Automation with SIMATIC PCS7 combines consistent data management, communication and configuration with exceptional system properties and high performance.

Flexibility & Scalability

SIMATIC PCS7 architecture allows customers to configure and expand system instrumentation and control in order to meet requirements and optimally match plant dimensions, as well as adapt to changes in capacity or technological modifications. The process control system reduces costs that would arise from expensive reserve capacity.

Openness for the Future

SIMATIC PCS7 modular hardware and software components can be expanded and innovated and remain viable for the future with long-term stable interfaces. SIMATIC PCS7 can be combined with components from other vendors, and integrated in existing infrastructures. The openness feature provides programming and data transfer interfaces for user programs, as well as import/export functions for graphics, text, and data.

SIEMENS continuously applies the latest technologies to SIMATIC PCS7 and align with internationally acknowledged industrial standards, such as IEC, XML, PROFIBUS, etc.

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About Phoenix Machinery

Phoenix Machinery in Safra, Lebanon manufactures hygiene and tissue converting machines, high precision CNC components and machined parts, as well as develops and integrates machinery automation, process automation and power distribution solutions.

The industrial machine manufacturer is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group. Phoenix Machinery exports to Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Egypt, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Haiti, USA and Africa.

Phoenix Machinery is a member of Phoenix Group of Companies and a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.




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