NAFTTEE at the Top of the “Sustainability Cluster” Launched by Phoenix Energy

As part of Energy Lebanon 2015 exhibition and in line with its dedication to promoting environmental responsibility and protecting Lebanon’s natural resources, Phoenix Energy, Lebanese renewable energy solutions supplier, launched its Sustainability Cluster projects on June, 4, 2015 at Biel, Beirut.
NAFTTEE at the Top of the “Sustainability Cluster” Launched by Phoenix Energy
NAFTTEE at the Top of the “Sustainability Cluster” Launched by Phoenix Energy

The ceremony was attended by president and CEO of INDEVCO group, Neemat Frem, and Phoenix Energy General Manager, Rabih Osta, along with a number of the company’s executives and employees. A prominent group of industry professionals, economic bodies, influential traders, and civil society representatives also took part in the event.

The main aim of the gathering was to launch a pioneering initiative registered lately by the company as  . The initiative is intended to provide a green solution for waste treatment and channel the latter into a decentralized generation of eco-electricity. This advanced solution consists of an innovative process that transforms waste into granules having the ability to generate electricity. Its specifications allow the conversion of the recovered ash into composite blocks to be used in the construction sector.

Phoenix Energy also showcased a bouquet of corporate and residential photovoltaic projects: the first supermarket in Lebanon to go green on a 300 kWp PV system, and the largest residential rooftop autonomous off/on grid 37kWp solar photovoltaic system.

Ecological and energy efficient wooden frame houses projects, such as Plateau de Bakich and Ahlam residential complex, were also presented as part of currently executed contracts.

In addition to being introduced to the company’s photovoltaic and wooden houses projects, attendees visited the stands exhibiting other key products within the cluster: the Biomass Boiler, which burns natural resources, such as olive husk, and the Solar Water Heater, Solior.

Being strongly committed to encouraging Lebanese and regional businesses to go green for a more sustainable environment, the company’s management seized the opportunity to give awards to major “Sustainability Clients” in recognition of their dedication to the environment and their trust in Phoenix Energy’s reliable solutions and products. The list of names included, Robert Asseily (Residential Rooftop PV), Neeman and Samer El Hachem, owners of El Hachem Supermarket, Gary Shakardjian (Plateau de Bakich), Mrs. Mireille Korab Abi Nasr (Ahlam Residential Complex), Pierre Khoury (LCEC Director).

Through its latest national eco-initiative launched at Energy Lebanon 2015, Phoenix Energy proved once again that it is willing to put Lebanon at the forefront of the renewable energy industry in the region, mainly in terms of adopting and implementing green solutions and  bringing forth vital mechanisms that are sure to influence the new Sustainable Era.

About Phoenix Energy

Phoenix Energy located in Safra, Lebanon, supplies renewable energy products, such as solar water heatersbiomass boilerswind turbine systems, LED light solution, PV power systems, and wooden frame houses. It also provides resource assessment services and turnkey commercial products to recycle and transform waste into electricity, using waste-to-energy systems.

Phoenix Energy is a member of the Phoenix Group of Companies, member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.




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