Phoenix Energy Co-Sponsors Beirut Energy Forum 2015

Phoenix Energy will launch various projects during Beirut Energy Forum 2015 and speak at the MED-SOLAR Conference.

Phoenix Energy, Lebanese supplier of renewable energy products, will co-sponsor the 6th edition of Beirut Energy Forum 2015, taking place on 9-11 September, at Le Royal hotel, Dbaye El Metn, under the patronage of Arthur Nazarian, the Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water. Phoenix Energy representatives will be available throughout Beirut Energy Forum and during various events, including:

MED-SOLAR Conference Speech

9 September from 12.30 – 2 p.m.

During the MED-SOLAR Session, Imad Abdessater, Energy Engineer, will represent Phoenix Energy to discuss technical challenges associated to maximizing renewable energy penetration, consideration of storage, control strategies and components. During this session, Abdessater will generate debates and share knowledge about the “Challenges and Opportunities for PV-hybrid power plants in Lebanon”, as well as discover possible opportunities in the renewable energy and green construction sectors, and introduce Phoenix Energy’s advanced bio green solution.

Photovoltaic (PV) Project with Cuisine d’Art I-Design Launch Event

10 September from 9:45 – 10 a.m.

As part of a joint initiative, Phoenix Energy and Cuisine d’Art I-Design will hold a launching event at the Pearl Main Conference Room to sign a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ for adopting renewable energy solutions.

The event’s agenda features:

  • Phoenix Energy Line Manager, Simon Gerges, – Detailed presentation about the project
  • Phoenix Energy Area General Manager, Rabih N. Osta – Addressing note
  • Founder & Chairman of Cuisine d’Art I-Design, Antoine G. Atallah –  Addressing note
  • Signature of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’

Press Conference with IPT & Fransabank

11 September at 12 p.m.

Phoenix Energy will join IPT and Fransabank to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” on the transformation of the IPT gas station network, to sustainable and green stations.

The press conference agenda will include:

  • Phoenix Energy Area General Manager, Rabih Osta – Detailed presentation on the project
  • Head of IPT stations, Dr. Tony Issa – Addressing note
  • Fransabank General Manager, Nadim Kassar – Addressing note
  • INDEVCO Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Neemat Frem – Addressing note
  • Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water, Arthur Nazarian – Words about the initiative
  • Signature of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’

About Phoenix Energy

Phoenix supplies eco-friendly energy products, to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region including:

  • Wooden Frame Houses; grants customers a healthy, efficient and affordable living environment with increased thermal insulation
  • Photovoltaic Power System; supplies electricity from solar energy and can work on-grid, off-grid and/or in synch with generators
  • Solar Water Heater; offers innovative and easy installation solar thermal water heater
  • Biomass Boiler; helps save up to 90% of the heating bill and is ideal for domestic and industrial uses.
  • Waste-to-Energy Technology; sorts, recycles, and transforms waste into electricity, sterile ash, and emission.

Phoenix Energy also supplies wind turbine systems and LED light solutions, as well as provides resource assessment services and turnkey commercial projects to recycle and transform waste into electricity using waste-to-energy systems.




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