ePac Purchases 10 Nordmeccanica Solventless Laminators

ePac Flexible Packaging is a joint partnership with INDEVCO Plastics.
ePac Purchases 10 Nordmeccanica Solventless Laminators
ePac Purchases 10 Nordmeccanica Solventless Laminators

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An agreement between ePac Flexible Packaging and Nordmeccanica has been announced stating that ePac will be acquiring 10 solvent less “Super Simplex SL e800” laminators, being the greatest order ever recorded for solvent less laminators in the flexible packaging industry. Nordmeccanica is the largest manufacturer of Coating and Laminating machinery, having over 300 machines delivered yearly and 3,500 installed globally since becoming active 40 years ago.

ePac has had a relationship with Nordmeccanica since the opening of ePac’s first plant in Madison, WI. Nordmeccanica laminators can now be found in many of ePac’s locations, being: Boulder, CO; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL, and Austin, TX.

ePac Flexible Packaging has purchased 10 Nordmeccanica solventless Super Simplex SL e800 laminators, which it will roll out throughout its plants through the end of 2019.

The transaction was recently announced at Nordmeccanica’s corporate offices in Piacenza, Italy, during a ceremony celebrating the equipment maker’s 40th anniversary. ePac’s move is the largest solventless laminator purchase to date in the flexible packaging space, and it caps a relationship dating back to the opening of ePac’s first plant in 2016.

“Nordmeccanica has been proudly serving the business of digital printing with laminators since the early days of the technology,” notes Nordmeccanica’s President Antonio Cerciello. “Solventless has been the lamination technology of choice for players in the digital arena thanks to no emissions, low energy consumption and the ability to serve multiple digital presses with a single off-line laminator.”

ePac first opened for business in May 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin, and has since added plants in Boulder, Colorado, Chicago, Miami and Austin. Additional locations in Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles are underway.

Adds Virag Patel, ePac‘s COO: “Nordmeccanica worked closely with us to configure a machine that met our specific requirements and complements our service delivery model for rapid job turnaround. We’re also evaluating downstream coating and combi solutions to add cold seal/spot embellishments.”

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