MicroMB Clarifying Agents: A Next Level Upgrade for Transparent Plastic

MicroMB®, manufacturing plants located in Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia develop sustainable Clarified Polypropylene (PP) with upgraded physical properties, used for high-clarity plastic applications to provide an attractive appearance and a transparent see-through packaging solution.

MicroMB Clarifying Agents: A Next Level Upgrade for Transparent Plastic
MicroMB Clarifying Agents: A Next Level Upgrade for Transparent Plastic

Polypropylene (PP) is used in a variety of applications to manufacture packaging for consumer products and plastic parts, such as bottles, caps, closures, automotive, as well as furniture, appliances, food container, and others.

Mostly used with PP, these agents, also known as nucleating agents, provide your end product with an ideal low-cost plastic packaging with extreme glass clarity and reduced haze, excellent moisture-barrier and sealing properties, as well as hot filling capacity and a lighter weight.

Blow molding, blown film, and injection molding are key processes that capitalize on MicroMB Clarifying Agents’ benefits for the production of your plastic products.

The enhanced quality and consistency of the clarified PP cuts cost that can be achieved through cycle time reduction and energy savings. The agents offer better productivity once integrated in low amounts to offer high process resistance without haze or yellowing after several extrusion steps.

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MicroMB offers high-quality, cost-effective customized plastic compounds, such as colored, white, and black Masterbatches, Talc and Calcium Carbonate Fillers, as well as Additives, Recycled Resins, and Compounding Polymers serving a wide range of industries.

Founded in 2003, MicroMB® is manufactured in 3 plants in Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, exporting to over 40 countries. We also leverage on our sister company Polymer Application Center for Technology (PACT) for all research and development, testing and consultancy services. We rely on a seamless and reliable supply chain with logistics hubs in the United Kingdom and United States of America ensuring fast and just-in-time delivery of our products.

MicroMB® is a brand owned by INDEVCO Group, licensed to be used by Napco National.