MicroMB® Slip Additives: A Cost-Effective Solution to the Problem of Friction in Polymers

MicroMB manufacturing plants produce slip additives used to reduce friction and allow ease of polymer handling and processing.

MicroMB® Slip Additives: A Cost-Effective Solution to the Problem of Friction in Polymers
MicroMB® Slip Additives: A Cost-Effective Solution to the Problem of Friction in Polymers

Slip additives are plastic modifiers used to overcome the resins’ natural tackiness so they can move smoothly during the converting and manufacturing of packaging equipment, by decreasing the film’s resistance to sliding, therefore, lowering the friction between film layers and other surfaces while acting as an internal lubricant during handling.

Slip additives, usually based on unsaturated fatty acid amides, such as Oleamide and Erucamide, migrate rapidly through polyolefin films after extrusion and appear on the surface of the film to lower the Coefficient of Friction.

Many factors affect the friction development, such as the polymer type, the film gauge and structure, the processing temperature and type, as well as other used additives.

MicroMB slip additives are suitable for various diffusion rates, temperatures, base resins, and ink types and required in several industries related to the manufacturing of appliances, electrics & electronics, as well as consumer goods, and packaging.

What are the Benefits of Using MicroMB Slip Additives?

MicroMB manufacturing plants offer a cost-effective solution to the challenging problem of friction in polymers. MicroMB’s range of additives include customized slip additives that guarantee numerous benefits, including:

  • High efficiency
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Unscented
  • High slip performance
  • Anti-blocking effect when merged with other additives in some applications
  • Ease of polymer handling and processing into packaging
  • Reduced friction and resistance of end product surfaces
  • Fire-resistant chemicals for plastics


MicroMB offers high-quality, cost-effective customized plastic compounds, such as colored, white, and black Masterbatches, Talc and Calcium Carbonate Fillers, as well as Additives, Recycled Resins, and Compounding Polymers serving a wide range of industries.

Founded in 2003, MicroMB® is manufactured in 3 plants in Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, exporting to over 40 countries. We also leverage on our sister company Polymer Application Center for Technology (PACT) for all research and development, testing and consultancy services. We rely on a seamless and reliable supply chain with logistics hubs in the United Kingdom and United States of America ensuring fast and just-in-time delivery of our products.

MicroMB® is a brand owned by INDEVCO Group, licensed to be used by Napco National.