Napco National Joins UN Global Compact Interim Working Group in Saudi Arabia

Demonstrating commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Napco National will take an active role in promoting the Ten Principles and UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Napco National Joins UN Global Compact Interim Working Group in Saudi Arabia
Napco National Joins UN Global Compact Interim Working Group in Saudi Arabia

In October 2020, Napco National joined the UN Global Compact’s (UNGCs) Interim Working Group pushing towards a sustainable Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This group will set the foundation for organizations across the Kingdom to commit to the Ten Principles of the UNGC for Labor, Human Rights, Environment, and Anti-Corruption, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Napco National and other Saudi UNGC member organizations joined together in the first virtual meeting hosted by the UN Resident Coordinator in Riyadh, Nathalie Fustier and the UN Global Compact’s Global Operations Senior Manager, Alexandra Tarazi to launch the group. Interim Working Group members will promote the SDGs, strengthen the UNGC network in Saudi Arabia, and drive companies in the region to commit to and integrate sustainability into their corporate strategy. 

Napco National joined the UN Global Compact as a signatory member in February 2020. The company works towards nine of the 17 UN SDGs and is committed to drive corporate sustainability in Saudi Arabia. Napco National’s sustainability strategy is founded on four pillars, one of which is ‘Partnership’. Joining the Interim Working Group aligned with the company’s fundamental belief that partnerships are essential in order to make a significant positive impact and drive change and sustainable development. This also aligns with the UN SDG 17 – Partnership.

About UNGC

The United Nation’s Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative that creates a global movement of sustainable companies, encouraging them to align their strategies and operations with the UN Ten Principles on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption, and take action towards achieving the 17 economic, environmental, and social UN Sustainable Development Goals.

About Napco National

Founded in 1956 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Napco National aims to create valuable products and customized services for GCC industries, while addressing social needs and taking measures to protect the environment. Napco National plants manufacture and supply plastic, paper, and corrugated raw materials and packaging to diverse industries, as well as produce consumer disposables for retail and away-from-home businesses in the GCC and beyond. Napco sources indigenous raw materials and recycles post-industrial plastic waste.