INDEVCO Helps NDU HR Students Gain Hands-on Experience

INDEVCO executives share experience and human resource (HR) challenges in multinational operations with Notre Dame University (NDU) HR students.
INDEVCO Helps NDU HR Students Gain Hands-on Experience
INDEVCO Helps NDU HR Students Gain Hands-on Experience

On 15 November 2017, INDEVCO welcomed six HR students with their lecturer from NDU – North Lebanon Campus at Zouk Mosbeh offices to learn about HR management issues and best practices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Turning HR Theory into Practice

Wissam Moubarak, VP of Human Resources & Organizational Development, and Fadi Younes, Recruitment Manager, provided students with insight into HR challenges faced when operating on a global scale.

Moubarak and Younes introduced INDEVCO’s group-wide culture built on 7 core values and a corporate philosophy that puts people first and emphasized the group’s focus on long-term employment. They discussed multinational obstacles related to finding talent in different geographic areas, as well as varying labor markets and employment policies and laws.

INDEVCO’s Regional Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Manager, Dr. Gebran El Karnaouni highlighted the importance of health and safety in manufacturing operations and shared guidelines to secure employee and visitor wellbeing.

Students experienced operations first-hand with a guided tour of member plants, Masterpak and Sanita, where plant team leaders explained machine and operational workflow.

Dr. Mariam Shebaya, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and NDU lecturer expressed, “Everything – from your preparation, your warm welcome, the interaction and content, and the whole format of the visit – helped put the students at ease, gave them a solid learning experience on the field, and got them excited to join the workforce soon.”

Participating students shared,

I liked that they really trust people and their ability to learn and that they encourage and help young people. They also highlighted their safety issues and how they deal with them. Signs, safety, equipment…”

“I loved that they recruit fresh graduates!”

“I liked that they highlighted the challenges they faced and the weaknesses in their company and how they are dealing with it. I also like the structure of the company and how it is divided and how the decision making process is handled.”

“I like that they highlighted that they have common values and beliefs in all their branches. And that everyone has the opportunity to be in the top management. Like in Egypt, they started to recruit Lebanese in the top management of the company then they gave the chance to the Egyptians [to climb up the career ladder].”

“It was a very nice and interesting experience to see people working in a work environment and to be treated in a professional way although we are still students motivated me to want to graduate as soon as possible and join a working environment… I really like the fact that they are multinational company that operates in different countries and regions and that they allow fresh graduates or junior employees to relocate and join their branches in different countries… Also I liked the core values they use in the company like honesty, hard work, family spirit, modesty, etc.… also their philosophy which stated: “what is good for the community is good for the company” and most importantly that they support long term employment.”

“It’s my first experience and it’s the first time that I visit a company and meet people in HR positions and see the work environment. I like the way they recruit and I like their shared values.”


As a diversified manufacturing group, INDEVCO provides support for public and private universities, faculties, and students. INDEVCO’s Industry-University Relations’ initiative connects students and INDEVCO companies to encourage learning opportunities for scholars in all fields. The initiative aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, which ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all.

In 2016, the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region had the highest youth unemployment in the world, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO). With major manufacturing operations in this region, INDEVCO engages heavily with universities in Lebanon and the region, taking on leadership positions on boards of trustees and advisory boards, as well as offering internship programs that equip students with skills needed for employment in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal SDG4 (Target 4.4) and quality jobs consistent with SDG8 (Target 8.6). INDEVCO also supports the Georges N. Frem Foundation Rural Transport Program which busses students from villages to Lebanese Universities and Dekwaneh Technical Institute.