Happies Ultra Dry… An Upgraded Baby Diaper for Super Baby Comfort & Protection

Newly launched Happies Ultra Dry baby diaper offers optimum care for babies

Happies Ultra Dry… An Upgraded Baby Diaper for Super Baby Comfort & Protection
Happies Ultra Dry… An Upgraded Baby Diaper for Super Baby Comfort & Protection

Designed to secure trusted absorbency and highest quality care for babies, the new and improved Happies diaper is now softer and stretchier than ever. Recently introduced by Sanita into the market, Happies Ultra Dry features breathable material that offers 12 hours of ultra-dryness, extreme softness and optimum fitness.

Happies Ultra Dry baby diaper is enhanced with a unique super absorbent core and a multi-layer technology. It quickly locks moisture away from baby’s skin and holds 2x more fluid inside for extra leak protection during the nighttime so that the baby can enjoy deep and peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed and happy in the morning.

To gently hug babies with a mild and breathable touch, the diaper’s stretchy side panels, comfy elastic waistband, perfect-fit leg cuffs and fastening tabs have also been improved.

Due to its super soft breathable liner, Happies Ultra Dry baby diaper helps to protect baby’s sensitive skin, while keeping it healthy and preventing irritation.

To help mothers know when the baby is ready for the next size, the upgraded diaper comes with a “Size Indicator”, a new characteristic that aligns with contemporary market trends and ensures age-appropriate security and comfort.

In addition to the revamped features, Happies Ultra Dry also comes in a redecorated modern pack for a more appealing and competitive look on the shelves. The pack reveals a new embryo logo with circular shapes that activate associations with softness.

Mothers can now grant their growing babies and active toddlers premium protection and ultimate care with Happies Ultra Dry.

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