Sanita Bouquet Toilet Tissue Wears a New Luxurious Identity

Sanita Bouquet’s new dynamic look pinpoints the toilet tissue’s advanced features.

Sanita Bouquet Toilet Tissue Wears a New Luxurious Identity
Sanita Bouquet Toilet Tissue Wears a New Luxurious Identity

A main player in the Gulf region’s premium tissue market, Sanita Bouquet recently overhauled its identity, transforming its toilet tissue portfolio with a logo update and refresh to its packaging design.

The Sanita Bouquet name now expands beyond the boundaries of its distinctive oval-shaped logo design. To guarantee brand recognition across Sanita’s diverse product range, marketing experts have unified the background of the packaging designs of all items while introducing a colour variation on the edge of the large oval for differentiation of product type. 

Sanita Bouquet has reworked the fiber active technology icon featured on its toilet tissue packaging to clearly communicate the line’s ability to hold together when wet and disintegrate only two minutes after flushing.

Overall, the branding identity of Sanita Bouquet products have a more dynamic look for modern shelf appeal, including the 3-ply label featured on Sanita Bouquet super premium toilet tissues.  

The facelifted portfolio line includes Sanita Bouquet Soft & Quilted (blue wrap), Sanita Bouquet Gentle (green wrap) and Sanita Bouquet Perfumed (salmon wrap), Sanita Bouquet Super Premium (purple wrap).

With the launch of the new package, a video introducing the line’s features to head of households looking for premium performance and luxury was posted on Sanita’s social platforms.

About Sanita® Bouquet

Sanita Bouquet is the brand for users with high sense of luxury and high expectations who look for premium strength, silkiest softness and elegance in a paper product. Sanita Bouquet adds an elegant touch to your world and takes your occasions to the next level.

Live the luxury with Sanita Bouquet.

The brand is owned by INDEVCO and manufactured under license by Napco National.