Improve the Aesthetics of your Hygiene and Tissue Packaging with Digital Printing

At INDEVCO and Napco National Flexible Packaging Divisions, we consistently thrive to use the latest technologies across several industries to better fulfill your print packaging needs.

Improve the Aesthetics of your Hygiene and Tissue Packaging with Digital Printing
Improve the Aesthetics of your Hygiene and Tissue Packaging with Digital Printing

Packaging does not only protect your products but also influences customer purchasing decisions. Incorporating cutting edge digital printing allows us to offer you small batches of private customized hygiene and tissue packing bags while reducing printing costs.

There are several advantages for choosing a digital printing over a conventional one:


Digital printing encloses fewer steps in the printing process, such as creating and setting up the plates. Consequently, your final hygiene and tissue products can be delivered to your client in a timely manner.


Since printing plates are not required in digital printing; therefore, less investment is involved to set up a single job.

Short Runs

Digital printing is the ideal method of producing short to medium print runs compared to traditional methods, especially when you have a small order.


Digital printing provides you with the most affordable solution to customize and personalize your packaging.


This offers impressive quality and consistency over the other options. The colors show up perfectly on the prints and there are no issues with harsh lines.

Promotional Orders

An ideal solution to develop a few order of fast and customized packaging for promotional or seasonal campaigns.

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